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Ancient Egyptians

Hello World We are learning about Egyptians. I love Egyptians .I am a colossal fan of Egyptians . The ancient Egyptians began a race of people living on the bank of the River Nile in north Africa. By the 4th century BC there were two Kingdoms on the River Nile, the Upper Egypt and the … Continue reading »

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Welcome Summer Quadbloggers!

Hello World, we would love to know about your school . It’s lovely to have some new bloggers to come and have a look at our science, English, maths and topic . You are going to have a very, very warm welcome from North Petherton and Class MS. In North Petherton there are 12 classrooms, … Continue reading »

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What are we doing in Topic?

In topic we are finishing pieces about Victorians because our school was built in that era. I can’t believe it can you? This week we are walking around our village to identify Victorian buildings and visit the cemetery where a children from our school, in Victorian times, is laid to rest. Do you have a … Continue reading »

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Coldharbour Mill

On Tueasday, last week, Class MS went on a trip to Coldharbour Mill. Before lunch we met a man called Peter. Peter showed us around the mill and he showed all of the machines. There are Carding machines ,weaving machines, spinning machines and lots more. Then we had lunch. After, we went with Mr Robson. Mr Robson … Continue reading »

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Fabulicious curry!

Hi  I’m Chanise, I am hear to tell you about what we did on the fabulous Tuesday. We made some curry and it was vegetable curry and it was fabulicious! We had nanny bread and  poppadoms. Oh sorry, naan bread and poppadoms!                                     We made curry because Raji eats different things compared to  what we eat. Some times Raji has curry because … Continue reading »

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Our Curry Tuesday

Hi, I’m Emily. On Tuesday we were tasting curry, poppadoms and flat bread. We did it because we are learning about a little girl called Raji who is indian and that is what they eat. It was a tounge-tingling taste! Do you like curry? by Emily

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A busy week already!

In Science we started learning Food Chains. Do you learn about animal food chains? In Topic work we are looking at healthy food and balanced food. In French we learning numbers 13-31. Do you know any french numbers? In ICT we learnt some E-saftey with the SMART Crew about how to be safe online. Wow, … Continue reading »

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