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Stock market maths

Hello world. In maths we have been doing things based on the stock market, to see if we could add, subtract and multiply decimal points. We had 5 companies and they were Tesco, Apple, Rolls-Royce, Marks and spencer and Vodafone. You had to work in groups of 3 and I was working with Katie and … Continue reading »

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Class MT Numeracy

In Numeracy we are learning our times tables. On my Numeracy table is Oscar, Jamie, Zakira and me. The rest of the class are learning their 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. But because we are on the top table we have to learn our 11’s and 12’s. My table think Maths is EPIC. We would LOVE … Continue reading »

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Welcome Summer Quadbloggers!

Hello World, we would love to know about your school . It’s lovely to have some new bloggers to come and have a look at our science, English, maths and topic . You are going to have a very, very warm welcome from North Petherton and Class MS. In North Petherton there are 12 classrooms, … Continue reading »

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New year – new Quadbloggers!

Hi, Class MS wanted to write a blog post to you. We really want to tell you what we are doing in school. In literacy we are doing things that make us physically happy and mentally happy. We are working in different groups and doing things like exercising, writing jokes and writing about things that … Continue reading »

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Should calculators be banned?

Calculators will be banned in maths tests for 11-year-olds in England from 2014, says the government. It’s after a big review of the use of calculators in primary schools. Ministers reckon kids should only use them once they have learnt basic mathematical skills, like adding up in your head. Under the new plans, calculators would … Continue reading »

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First day back and what a surprise!

Hi world, I am here to tell you that Tom from the Premiership Rugby team Exeter Chiefs started working with us today! It is a program called ‘Tackling Numbers’. We learnt 1 hour of maths, then we had breaktime. Then we had 1hour of tag rugby. MATHS In maths we had to write about rugby … Continue reading »

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Fieldhead Carr Primary – hello

Hello to our friends at Fieldhead Carr Primary School.  We hope you are enjoying your blog the same as we are?  We have been looking at the blogs during ICT lessons and at home.  We hope to comment on your blog soon but we have problems viewing it at the moment. How big is your … Continue reading »

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Our first two days!

We have been in school for two days now. We wanted to share our timetable and explain how our day looks, so here we go… School starts and bell goes at 8:55am We have register and then our first lesson is Literacy at 9:00am We start our breaktime at 10:30am At 10:45 we have Maths … Continue reading »

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