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Tagged With: history

Ancient Egyptians

Hello World We are learning about Egyptians. I love Egyptians .I am a colossal fan of Egyptians . The ancient Egyptians began a race of people living on the bank of the River Nile in north Africa. By the 4th century BC there were two Kingdoms on the River Nile, the Upper Egypt and the … Continue reading »

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Coldharbour Mill

On Tueasday, last week, Class MS went on a trip to Coldharbour Mill. Before lunch we met a man called Peter. Peter showed us around the mill and he showed all of the machines. There are Carding machines ,weaving machines, spinning machines and lots more. Then we had lunch. After, we went with Mr Robson. Mr Robson … Continue reading »

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Our Victorian trip to Coldharbour Mill

Hi world, on Tuseday we are going to go to a Victorian place. We are going to dress up in some very imaginative costumes! The place is called Coldharbour Mill. Are you doing Victorians? We have to stand with our hands clasped together, our backs straight and be dressed smart. We have to write a … Continue reading »

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