Defeating the monster stories

hot-to-train-your-dragon-jpgWe are learning about defeating the monster stories and we are going to watch the film How to Train Your Dragon. The boy in the film is called
Hiccup and his dragon is black, with lime green eyes and is called Toothless. Have you watched the film How to Train Your Dragon before?

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Ancient Egyptians

CleopatraHello World

We are learning about Egyptians. I love Egyptians .I am a colossal fan of Egyptians . The ancient Egyptians began a race of people living on the bank of the River Nile in north Africa. By the 4th century BC there were two Kingdoms on the River Nile, the Upper Egypt and the Lower Egypt. Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt .What do you know about Egypt? The ancient Egyptian society was divided into 2 main classes. The wealthy rulers and nobles and the ordinary working People. Men of all classes had more freedom that women but Egyptian woman had more rights than the woman in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was joint ruler of Egypt, first with her father, later with her husband.

Hope you enjoy our blogging on Egypt!

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Recording class poems

We have been learning different poetry techniques in literacy. Some of the techniques include similes, metaphors, alliteration, rhyme and assonance.
We decided to record them onto our SoundCloud page so you can hear some examples. They are all about a homeless person. We used an image for our inspiration.

Here is one example. Click on our SoundCloud button to hear many more!

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Science and circuits!

summer of circuits!We are learning about circuits and conductors in science this half term and it has already been great fun and very practical! Check out our new blog page all about science and follow the links to some wonderful resources, games and quizzes from the BBC and Woodlands Primary School.

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Our buddy class is Birch Class.

blog-writingOur buddy class ( a class we team up with from KS1) is Year 1 Birch class. Their teacher is called Mrs Dunne. There are 31 children in Birch. On a Friday afternoon from 1:15 to 2:00 we join them and share in project work, reading, performances or anything else.

Do you have a buddy class at your school?

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Olympic running stars in the making!

1st place trophy for Oscar and our team!

1st place trophy for Oscar and our team!

I am extremely proud today as Connor, Jack and Oscar all competed in the Somerset Cross Country running competition yesterday and they all had fantastic results. Oscar came 1st in the whole race for Year 3 and 4, with Connor and Jack helping the team reach 1st place. What talent we have in our class and I hope they all continue to be successful in runnning! Well done boys.

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soundcloud-logoWe have begun using a new app on our iPad in class called Soundcloud. Here we will record all sorts of things from our learning in the classroom. This is the link to our main page on Soundcloud. Have a listen and leave us a comment!

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Welcome Summer Quadbloggers!

WHello World, we would love to know about your school . It’s lovely to have some new bloggers to come and have a look at our science, English, maths and topic . You are going to have a very, very warm welcome from North Petherton and Class MS. In North Petherton there are 12 classrooms, all different shapes and sizes . I will tell you which ones they are; Blossom Class, Pine Class, Birch, Elm, Oak, Chesnut, MS, MT, MC, AJJM, ES and SP. There are 32 chilldren in class MS, 340 in the whole school. We hope you like our work and please can you tell us about your school? We look forward to hearing from you in the USA, UK and Qatar!
Bye Bye From Chloe and Class MS.

P.S My best friends are Charlie,Billie, Charley, Katie and Taylor and we are all in the same class luckily!

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Reading Kit Wright poetry

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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Our first recording.

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