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Compass Blogging

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Compass Blogging – Promoting local community blogging – North, S, E and W.

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32 Responses to Compass Blogging

  1. olivia

    compus bloging is good because you can see other chilldren blogs.
    You can get realy creative and fun.
    you can post comments and look things you have never seen.

  2. thurbear jude.

    I love your viduo. And weck it raph picher.

  3. scarlett

    I realy think your bloging is briliant with all youv got.

  4. Edward

    The reason I think blogging is great is because its safe to work on.

  5. James and Gabriel thurlbear

    The reason why we think why is because it is brilliant to comment on people,also you can see brilliant can also get to know new people.

  6. thurlbear kirsty

    1 because you can look at other peoples blogs from somewhere far away! 2 because they could talk to you between the blogs.

  7. Thurlbear shay

    1. I think that blogging is good, because you could be famous, because evryone can read your writing.
    2. It is a another good idea, because you can keep in touch with other blog’s.
    3.It is another good idea, because if somebody leaves the school you can keep in touch.

  8. Lucy Thurlbear

    I think compass blogging is good, because people alround the world can look at what some people do for hobbies.It also is a great idea , because its fun to post things on. Also because its safe and its not just anybody in the world.

  9. zara thurlbear

    1 say for an exarmple that someone was leaving like your best friend you could keep in totch whith them. 2 a blog is all about posting posts for like romans and we are learning about romans!!!

    • Class MS

      We were learning about Romans in Year 3. It was freezing on our trip but we got to dressed up in Roman clothes, it was really heavy and we had dinner and watched a short Roman video.

      from Taylor

  10. Millie Thurlbear

    *Compass blogging is good to look at other blogs
    *It is good ,because you can get creative

  11. thurlbear Madison

    1 so you can see what they are doing.
    2 Every one in the world can see it.

  12. sam thurlbear

    [1] Bloging is good because people see other peopple`s blogs.

    [2] Blogging is good because people can get famous.

    [3] Blogging is good because if you leave the school you can still be in touch.

  13. Thurlbear Josh

    1.I think compass blogging is a good idea ,because you can keep intouch with other blog’s.
    2.Compass blogging is a great way to keep intouch with relatives.
    3.Compass blogging is a way to make new friend’s.

  14. Edward

    I like blogging, it is good to keep in touch.

  15. Thurlbear sarah

    I think bloging is very good that’s why I do a blog with mr g about syncronised swimming ,also I think bloning is good because you get to now different countries!

  16. chloe thurlbear

    I like bloging becase when you do a competition you might win it and they might like it.

  17. kia thurlbbear.

    I think compass bloging is a good idea because, you can get intoch with your frends.
    And famos people can as welll.

  18. thurbear jude follett

    It is nice to have bloggings to read.

  19. thurlbear oli

    compass blogging is a good idea because you can look at other peoples blogs and if somebody left your school you can still keep in touch with them.

  20. AmyThurlbear

    I think blogging is amazing ,because so the people who look at ther bloggings mit think they are good thinkers and can have lots of fun!

  21. Anonymous

    1 Because if a rich poeple see it you mite get ritch too! 2 They can chat with them stil.

  22. thurlbear Macy

    1 You can see what other people are leaning about.
    2 So you can share your ideas.

  23. olivia thurlbear

    1.compass blogging is a good blog because you can keep in touch with people.
    2.I like compass blogging becouse you are safe.

  24. finty thurlbear

    1 I think compass blogging is greta , because it is ,so fun for childran to go on.
    2 it is saff for childran to do on.
    3 ther are ,so meny fun things to do.

  25. Grace Thurlbear

    I think compass blogging is a good idea because…. if your anitey gose away you can ceep in tuch.
    Another reason why its a good idia because you get to know a bout ather pepole

  26. Anonymous


  27. jack


  28. Class MS


  29. liam


  30. Class MS

    i think compass blogging is a good idea because you can talk to your friends in a different school and there is lots of lovely comments. Thank you all the schools for a lovely blog and a big thank you from all the teachers.

    from Taylor

  31. Class MS

    So do i it is really cool

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