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Book Reviews

At North Petherton Community Primary School we pride ourselves on our reading and Class MS really enjoy picking up a good book!  We strive to read 50 times a term but some of us read up to 150 times a term!  This page is for you to read a good book and share that experience with everyone.  Write a short review of the book telling us the title and author, mention your favourite characters and what you liked about the book.

If you don’t want to write a review then just sit back and enjoy reading them.  Who knows, you may just discover a book you like!

92 Responses to Book Reviews

  1. liam1148

    i read my fave book twice at night

  2. Zakira

    My favourite book is Bella the Bunny Fairy. What is yours?

  3. liam1803

    my favourite book is james and the giant peach.

    • classms

      Hi guys, my book is called Mr Majeka the author is Humphrey Carpenter. Whats you book called ? from Leah

    • classes

      I like James and the giant peach too, but my favourite Roald Dahl book is The BFG. Ms Street

      • Darcy

        I love James and the giant peach it’s fabulous but I also love the BFG they are my favourite books.

    • classes

      Thats one of my favourite books too.
      From Joe.

  4. classms

    My book is called Sleepovers by Jacqueline Wilson. It’s about 5 girls having sleepovers.

  5. classms

    I read a book called Blessu written by Dick King Smith.

  6. classms

    Hi world, having in a good time? Oh whats your favorite book? Mine is The Night Before Christmas. from Jack

  7. classms

    Soccer Mad
    It’s about football and the author is Rob Childs. What book do you read?

  8. Anonymous

    My exellarated reading book is called The Test for The Time Travling cat and its by Julia Jarman. What is yours?

  9. Anonymous

    My favourite book is 365 bedtime stories.

  10. classmsbillie-jo91011

    Hi guys I am billie-jo
    I’m reading a book called The Little Mermaid. The author is Linda Newberry and the illustrater is Bee Willey. If you are reading a good book please tell me all about it. What is your book called? Who is the author?
    from Billie-jo

  11. taylor

    Hi guys,my favourite book is Taylor The Talent Show Fairy. Illustrated by Daisy Meadows. Whats your favourite?

    • classes

      Mine is ripleys belive it or not and guiness book of world records! I like a lot of other books such as Beast Quest,Fact books and lots more!!!!!!!


  12. classms

    Hi guys, my favourite books are the Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadow. What is your favourite?

  13. Tyler

    I love that book aswell!!! Tyler

  14. classms

    Hi guys are you k i love my maths but i find remainders really hard. I am with all my friends in maths. have you got your friends in maths? how many pets have you got? i have 2.

  15. Anonymous

    hello how are you dooing today fromamelia

    • Taylor

      Hi Amelia, I’m having a great day today. Did you hear about Felix Baumgartner? He jumped from space and landed perfectly safe on the ground. What would you do to inspire people? from Taylor xxx

  16. classms

    My book is called bing bang boogie its a boy scout ! by bob wilson.

    My favorite person is grobblewokians because they take over the world.

    The best part of my book is where they see a boy scout and they go crazy.

    By Leah

  17. charley

    Hi guys, my reading book is Witch-in-Training, Moonlight Mischief. The Author is Maeve Friel and the book cover and Illustrations are by Nathan Reed. My favorite part of the book is when the witches start their training for the moonlight games.
    Has anyone else read this book?

  18. classms

    Hello Quadblogging world,
    My book reveiw is The Twits. Ive read it lots of times.The author is Roald Dahl.The illistrater is Quentin Blake.The characters are:Mr Twit, Mrs Twit, The Roly-Poly bird and the Monkeys.My favourite character is Mr Twit because he played more funnier tricks than Mrs Twit.I enjoy the book because of the hilarious tricks.There like a bunch of rotten bananas playing tricks like wormy spagetti. What is your book review? By Jack

  19. classms

    The book is called Don’t Worry Henry Puppy.
    It is written by Ronne Randall and illustrated by Simona Dimitri.
    It’s about a puppy called Henry and a rabbit called Sam. They are best friends.
    The rabbit teaches the puppy directions of how to get to rabbits house, because he keeps forgetting.
    My favourite character is the rabbit because I like the name Sam and rabbits are my favourite animals.
    I like the bit where the puppy gets lost and he meets lots of other animals.
    By Chanise.

  20. ClassMS

    I am reading .ROALD DAHL. .James and the Giant Peach.illustrated By .QWENTIN favourite character is .The Worm because he is moody.And James because he is smart.I enjoy the part where the worm was yoused as bait to catch the sea gulls to lift up the giant peach. What book are you reading and what is your name? By Liam.

  21. Anonymous

    Hello there, my fave book is Matilda.
    The Author is Roald Dahl and the Illustrater is Quentin Blake.
    My favourite character is Miss Honey because she is really kind and helpful.
    My favourite part of the book is when Mrs Tunchbull swung Amanda with just her pig tails and landed in the cabage patch

  22. classms

    My favorite book at home is The night before christmas written by Clement C Moore and illustrated by Dudley Moseley. My favorite character is father christmas because he is special. My favorite bit in the book was when father christmas got stuck down the chimney!


  23. classms

    Hi the world my favourite book is Billionaire Boy by David Walliams and I love all his books. What’s your favourite book ?
    From Jack

  24. classms

    I like that book to Sean from jack

  25. classms

    I like sports more than any thing else but I like reading just a bit more.
    From Jack

  26. classms

    Who likes Gangsta Granny by David Walliams
    Illustrated by Tony Ross? from Jack

  27. classms

    Hi guys ,my favourite book is called Nims Island, its written by Wendy Orr and illustrated by Chris Riddell and Kerry Millard . My favourite characters are Nim,Selkie,Chica and Fred,because their all good friends and make up games other children never new.They play coconut football and bath in a little pool by the palm trees.They study stars ,rocks and sea creatures.The thing i enjoy most about this book is when Alex comes to Nims Isla nd. By Taylor xxx

  28. classms

    Hi I am reading the Guinness World Records 2013 it is full of interesting world records and there is a app for ipods,ipads and iphones its free. Oscar

  29. classms

    Hi guys my favourite book is The Last Noo-noo.
    The author is Jill Murphy. The characters are monsters that are like humans.There are four charters i like .
    They are Marlon, he is on of my favourites because he always has stashes of dummys and i like the other three
    because there in a really funny part of the story.Here is the blob…
    Marlon, the monster,loves his dummy.he calls it his “noo-noo”.His granny,mum and all the other monsters
    say he`s too old for a dummy.But Marlons not giving up his noo-noo until he wants to.
    from Billie-Jo

  30. zakira

    My Favourite book is Bella the Bunny, author Daisy Meadow. I like it because Kirsty and Rachel help the fairies to get back a magical object because jackfrost steels them.

  31. classms

    my favourite book is beast quest written by Adam Blade.I like the book because there is a boy called Tom he fights beasts he goes a quests to find the beasts. My favourite is tom beacaus he is the beast slayer.

  32. Aydin

    My book is called Hiding Places by Lynette Evans. My favourite animal in the book is the honey bee because it makes us honey. I enjoyed this book because I liked guessing which animal it was talking about. Aydin

  33. classms

    Hi im reading bambi the book doesn’t have an author or an illustrator shown in the book.
    My favourite character is Bambi because he is funny and the king of the jungle.My favourite part of the story is when Thumper wakes everybody up to meet the king of the jungle.
    from Liam:)

  34. classms

    Hi, the book im reading is called Journey to Jo,Burg. The Author and Illustrator is Beverly Naidoo. My favourite character is Naledi because she just keeps calm and carry’s on. The thing I enjoy most about the book is when they see some orange trees and deiced to try and pick some, and then a boy comes and tells them about the farmer who grow the oranges so they had to hide the orange peels after they ate them.

    By Jamie

  35. classms

    My favourite book is Danny the Champion of the World. The author is Roald Dahl and the illustrater is Quentin Blake. My favourite character is Danny because he is adventurous like me. He drove a car to save his Dad after falling down a hole. I also like the Big Friendly Giant because he is almost doing chemistry by mixing all the dream powders together. I like reading about the cunning ways Danny and his Dad trap the pheasants and ruin Mr Victor Hazel’s shooting party.

    Does anyone like Charlie and the Choclate Factory and the Great Glass Elevator?

    By Connor

  36. Mrs Richards

    Wow!!! Some great reading going on in class MS- keep it up!

  37. classms

    Green Island, by Roderick and Alex Brychta. if your reding a good book like this good book and my fraifret part is the part with the animals,by Daniel.

  38. classms

    My book is called Rats by Pat Hutchings Ilike the book becouse its funny exiting and advenchuse. The main charicters are Sam and Pat they are thre children . By Chloe .

  39. classms

    In the City of Rome By Rebecca Pannell.

    I like this book because it is about a city and a boy tries to katch a parrot and the parrot is yellow green and Skye

  40. Anonymous

    My reading book is called Nothing and it is a realy good book.The aurther of the book is called
    Mick inkpen.My faveret part of the book sofar is when the mouse tallks to the old bear that lived in the basement.By alex

  41. classms

    The Rainbow Machine written by Roderick and Alex Brychta

    I like this book becaunse the pictures are brillent. i recommend it ot Ben

  42. classms

    Who like horrible histories by Terry deary illustrated by Martin brown ?
    Well here is some books;
    Gorgeous Georgians
    Measly Middleages
    Vile Victorians
    Slimy Stuarts
    Ruthless Romans
    Terrifying Tudors
    Groovy Greeks
    Awful Egyptians
    Frightful First World War
    And Woeful Second World War
    What book do you read ?

  43. classms

    My other favourite book is Gangster Granny, illustrated by Tony Ross and the author is David Walliams. He has also writen The Boy In The Dress, Mr Stink and Billionaire Boy and two of these are illustrated by Quentin Blake.

  44. classes

    My favorite book is definatly Matilda!!

  45. classes

    I love to read books my favourite book is Matilda and Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and sometimes my bff Chloe comes around my house and reads with me.- from Tegan.

  46. classes

    Well to be fair I like all Rahld Dahl books. By Joe 🙂

  47. classes

    Today I am going to test some HTML and tell you what my favorite book is!
    Let’s see, hm? Oh here it is…
    Ooh, fascinating…
    Ok, my fav is The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy and yes, I like the horrible histories. :-D


  48. classes

    My favourite book is the BFG by Roald Dahl from Izy.

  49. classes

    My favourite book is The Hobbit, By JRR.Tolkein.My father read me this book when I was little. -Emily-Rose.

    • classms

      Hi Emily
      What is the book Hobbit about?

      From Ben

      • classes

        It’s about a hobbit called Bilbo Baggins. He lives peacefully until 13 dwarves and the wizard Gandalf come knocking at his door and drag him off on an epic quest. If you like adventure stories dragons, goblins, wolves and magic, this is the book for you! By Emily-Rose

  50. classms

    Dear Emily Rose
    I think that book would be great I wish I could read it. From Charlie

  51. classms

    My fav books are from Roald Dahl as well, from Charlie

  52. jack

    I love reading

  53. sarah

    hi, Leah I am in a school in new zeland. What is moshie monsters I have never herd of it before
    my favrot book is vampire witch.
    from Sarah

  54. charley

    Hi Leah, your book sounds really cool. My favrourite book is monster bang.
    from Charley x

  55. Katie

    Jack what’s your favourite book? Mines Billionaire Boy and the Enormous Crocodile, plus I love short poems. Do you like poems?
    by Katie

  56. Billie-jo

    Hi I am Billie-jo.
    I am in class MS and I want to tell you about my Guided Reading book.
    my book is called Evie The Mist Fairy, it is a really good book.
    Are you reading a book? If you are what is it called and is it good,ok or bad?
    please comment
    from Billie-jo

  57. classms

    author disney
    title sleeping beaty
    my rating out of 20/20 very good
    charecter’s baby daughter Aurora and philip 3 godmother’s Flora Fauna Merryweather Maleficent raven and Briar

  58. classes

    i love it to

  59. classes

    my favorite is The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. But I also like all of David Walliams’s books.

  60. classes

    Its on 6.6/6.7 on accelerated reader.

  61. classes

    This is Thomas from Book Club

    We have been reading David Walliams book: Boy In The Dress

    It’s an excellent book that students from year 3-6 can read
    It’s about a young boy who finds he has a special interest in dresses…

  62. classes

    my favorite book is boy in the dress I’ll give it 5 out of 5

  63. classes

    Hi this is Sam from Book Club

    We have been reading Boy In The Dress by David Walliams

    It is about a boy called Denis who likes dressing up as a girl and wearing high heels!
    Its a fantastic book and I would recommend all ages from 7+ to read it

  64. classes

    Book club is read boy in a dress is isn totally awesome
    By Eleanor

  65. classes

    Im going to the library and there are lots of books to choose and read.

  66. Anonymous

    Title: Megan the Monday Fairy
    Illustrator: Georgie Ripper
    By: Daisy Meadow
    Main Character: Megan the Monday Fairy
    I love fairy books because they are fascinating and I am very pleased that they have chosen this person to write these books.
    My favourite characters are: Kirsty, Rachel and Megan
    I like the start of the book because it is where you meet the fairy.
    I dislike Jack Frost and the Goblins, because they steel the fun flags from the fairies.
    I rate the book 5 stars.

    blurb: The fairy land fun day flags are lost in the human world , after Jack Frost stole them, but Megan the Monday Fairy needs her flag back to put fun into Mondays can Rachel and Kirsty help them?

  67. Anonymous

    Sophie the Sapphire Fairy
    Auther is by Daisy Meadows
    The book is about this jewel that goes missing and they find it in a mermaid water fall.
    What I like is the gobblins getting squirted by water guns.
    What I dislike is the fairy called Sophie, who gets squirted and can’t fly.
    The best character was Rachel.

  68. classms

    My book at school is Stella the Star Fairy.
    The book is by Daisy Meadows and illustrated by by Geogie Ripper.
    The best bit about this book is when they wake up and it’s snowing. What I don’t like about this book is that the gobblins are trying to steal the fairy’s objects. The best character in this story is Santa beacuse Santa flies through the sky with his Reindeers and he leaves something saying Merry Chistmas for Kirsty and Rachel, because they had helped Santa. I would rate this book 5 and a half stars because it’s good. Some of it is
    bad because the gobblin’s try to ruin Christmas but I think that’s part
    of the Shanice

  69. classms

    Hi Emelia i am doing great thanks. What is your favorite subject at your school? I will hopefully see you soon. From Charlie

  70. thurlbear Madi and Ava

    Great how did you do this blog?

  71. Thurlbear Sarah and Chloe

    We like your video. Does every one in your class do a blog?

  72. Lottie from badgers

    My favorite book series at the moment is adventure island books. I’ve read The Mystery of the Whistling Caves. The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost and now i’m reading The Mystery of the Hidden Gold.

  73. taylor

    You’re right Darcy. I love James and the Giant Peach. I’ve got the whole Roald Dahl collection have you?
    What is your favourite Roahl Dahl book? Reply soon
    love Taylor.

  74. sarah 4Q AKIS

    My favorite book is my sister the vampire cause it is for teenagers I really like teenage storys!

  75. sarah4q akis

    Gosh!you read all roald dahl books and i didnt read them all.

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