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Blogging Tips

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

 Said by a famous super hero… and the same thing goes for our Class Blog.

Enjoy yourself, share your learning, but be sure to follow these guidelines when posting: 


  • Make sure that you use full sentences, exciting vocabulary, correct punctuation and that you show off your best writing!  Try to include a picture with your writing.


  • Stay safe and smart. Only use your first name and only post Teacher approved pictures to the blog.


  • Don’t use your email address or IM name in a comment. This is not safe and could put you at risk.


  • When commenting, be kind to other users and only make encouraging remarks.


  • Lastly, remember everything that you are posting will come to a teacher first to be checked. So do not expect it to appear instantly.


If you follow these rules then you are sure to be safe and to learn lots… happy sharing!

16 Responses to Blogging Tips

  1. sarah

    how are you enjoying school?

  2. classms

    Remember never put your full name ,address , phone number or email address
    And try to put a question in your post so the readers get hooked in.
    From Jack

  3. classms

    I love school it the best thing ever and I love spiderman.
    From Jack

  4. classms

    I love school and class MS. On this web page called Manga High i beat Mr Stepney by 600 points! from Leah

  5. classms

    I love being in class MS, with all my best friends. It’s just the right place. Out of them all Zakira and Charley are my best best friends, by Leah.

  6. classms

    Who is your role model mine is Mo farah he is my favourite because I like long distante running do you?
    from Oscar

  7. Anonymous

    Yes I like long distance running too and I look up to Oscar pistorios the blade runner
    From JAck

  8. classms

    I love being in Class MS it is one of the best classes in the school. From Charlie x

  9. classms

    I love school, from leah

  10. Mrs Preston-Evans

    Hello MS, it was great to ‘skype’ with you today! Birch class really enjoyed listening and seeing your work and sharing with you. They can’t wait to ‘skype’ again, thank you for being a fantastic buddy class. I hope the weather stays dry as Shannon and I are dressing up as Zombies tonight to collect at the carnival in North Petherton. Have a fun weekend-Mrs Preston-Evans x

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Mrs Preston Evans we were delighted to ‘skype’ you again. I hope you have a great half term see you all next term

      love from charlie

  11. Anonymous

    Have fun.
    from Zakira

    • Class MS

      Hello Qatar and america are you having fun in school? from Billi

  12. Class MS

    I love maths because i am getting better and better every day.from Biili

  13. Class MS

    Hello Qatar and America. I went banger racing today, it looked painful. I would not want to be in one of
    those cars! It’s bin a lovely day here. We all came back in with a sun tan.
    from Billi

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