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Stock market maths

Posted by on June 26, 2013

Stock Market MathsHello world.
In maths we have been doing things based on the stock market, to see if we could add, subtract and multiply decimal points. We had 5 companies and they were Tesco, Apple, Rolls-Royce, Marks and spencer and Vodafone. You had to work in groups of 3 and I was working with Katie and Billie-jo. When we first started in the ICT suite Katie, Billie-jo and I chose Tesco, Vodafone and Marks and Spencer. We knew that Marks and spencers would improve because there was loads of sales going on and Marks and Spencers is quite popular with clothes but not as much shoes, but still. We chose Vodafone because normally I go in there with my dad because his phone isn’t working, or sometimes the people are always on the phone and people are always talking to the people that run Vodafone. We also chose Tesco’s because we knew it was going to be nice today, tuesday and it was quite nice on Monday, so people could go out and buy more drinks and maybe a few things for a bbq. On the Tuesday we found out that we lost £1.00 but today we gained it back because we earned £9.50. We obviously gained back our £1.00 and we all really enjoyed doing it. I think you would as well.

What are you doing in maths this week?

From Charlie

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