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Science and circuits!

Posted by on April 30, 2013

summer of circuits!We are learning about circuits and conductors in science this half term and it has already been great fun and very practical! Check out our new blog page all about science and follow the links to some wonderful resources, games and quizzes from the BBC and Woodlands Primary School.

2 Responses to Science and circuits!

  1. Billie-jo

    Hi everyone,
    circuits are so fun Mr Stepney said we could make our own. First we did just the lightbulb and when we had completed that we were allowed to add a buzzer in. It took a long time for my group of three to do it but when we added the buzzer we didn’t have enough electricity, so only one thing worked.
    Are you learning about electricity?

  2. charlieclassms

    Hi guys, I love doing electricity circuits and it is amazing. Also we did it with a partner and my partner was Billie. What are you doing in science? by Charlie x

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