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Our buddy class is Birch Class.

Posted by on April 29, 2013

blog-writingOur buddy class ( a class we team up with from KS1) is Year 1 Birch class. Their teacher is called Mrs Dunne. There are 31 children in Birch. On a Friday afternoon from 1:15 to 2:00 we join them and share in project work, reading, performances or anything else.

Do you have a buddy class at your school?

7 Responses to Our buddy class is Birch Class.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Nurul Farhanah in 4Q Mrs Nilcholson class.In my class there were 19 children in my class.I like to see your blog page after I finish my own class blog.You can look to our blog page after you see your own class blog.

  2. QT A.K.I.S 4Q

    Yes we do its miss M and Miss 5M-Australia.

  3. Eli

    You have a buddy class. The teacher for your buddy class is Mrs. Dunne. Your buddy class meets on Friday afternoons. We do not have buddy classes in third grade. I like how you told the times and some of the things you do in her class. What does KS1 mean?

  4. Billie-joClassms

    We are going to be doing lots of things with our buddy class. Last week we came up with ideas we can do with them but it has to be easy to get out and put away quickly. Unfortunately we don’t have that much time with them. QT A.K.I.S 4Q, what do you do with your buddy class?

    from Billie-jo

  5. Katie nicholson


    I live in BAngkok and work at Shrewsbury international school. We have a reading buddy in Y1. We love taking books from the library to them and sharing the books together. Your blog looks really cool.

  6. charlieclassms

    Hello, we are buddies with Birch class. Have you got a buddy class? by Charlie

  7. Class MS

    yea it is really fun we do a lot of fun stuff

    from Farran

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