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Olympic running stars in the making!

Posted by on April 24, 2013

1st place trophy for Oscar and our team!

1st place trophy for Oscar and our team!

I am extremely proud today as Connor, Jack and Oscar all competed in the Somerset Cross Country running competition yesterday and they all had fantastic results. Oscar came 1st in the whole race for Year 3 and 4, with Connor and Jack helping the team reach 1st place. What talent we have in our class and I hope they all continue to be successful in runnning! Well done boys.

20 Responses to Olympic running stars in the making!

  1. Ben Thurlbear

    Well done do you think you could be in the olimpics.

  2. thurbearJames

    well done olympic champions.

  3. Mrs. Musone

    Sounds like you used teamwork to achieve this goal. Kudos! Wondering if this is a school wide running event or if the boys are on a cross country team.

  4. QT AKIS 4Q

    Hi My name is QT short for (Qashiratu Tarfi)
    I am 9 years old

  5. Anonymous

    1st in the whole race? you used a lot of teamwork.

  6. Daniel

    I heard that Oscar,Connor and Jack ran the Somerset Cross Country running competition. Oscar came in 1st Connor and Jack helped the team get in 1st. Great Job Connor,Oscar and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder whno got 2nd?

  7. Alberth AKIS 4Q

    Hi my name is Alberth I am 8 years old. my Favourite sport is cycling .

  8. QT

    Hi I am making a animation clip with i can animate 2

  9. QT

    Sorry i am from AKIS 4Q

  10. M ismail 4q

    my favourit sport is football soccer

  11. Amel 4Q AKIS QATAR

    Hi My name is Amel
    From 4Q,
    Congragulation to them!

  12. ikhlass alkhor qater

    hi my name is ikhlass from alkhor

  13. jack

    me and the crew are in a running team

  14. Anonymous

    It sounds like they are using team work. Team work does help win your games.

  15. 22bcarr

    Cool you went in first in the rase! With a little help from friends. I wonder who went second and third.

  16. Nurul Farhanah AKIS 4Q


  17. Abbey

    Congrats! It sounds like the three of did a lot of teamwork. This must have been an amazing accomplishment. Keep on doing what you are doing and you will go far. Great job winning 1st place. I am wondering if any of your friends did Cross Country that were not on your team.

  18. Katie

    I read that you and two other boys ran a race together and you got 1st place. You are really proud of your self and your teammates. I am glad that you and your friends completed the race. Congratulations!

  19. Sarah

    Wow! I can’t believe that Oscar ran a the Somerset Cross County race and came in first and that Jack and Connor help the team come in first. How many places were there?

  20. Class MS

    We love our fort!

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