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Welcome Summer Quadbloggers!

Posted by on April 18, 2013

WHello World, we would love to know about your school . It’s lovely to have some new bloggers to come and have a look at our science, English, maths and topic . You are going to have a very, very warm welcome from North Petherton and Class MS. In North Petherton there are 12 classrooms, all different shapes and sizes . I will tell you which ones they are; Blossom Class, Pine Class, Birch, Elm, Oak, Chesnut, MS, MT, MC, AJJM, ES and SP. There are 32 chilldren in class MS, 340 in the whole school. We hope you like our work and please can you tell us about your school? We look forward to hearing from you in the USA, UK and Qatar!
Bye Bye From Chloe and Class MS.

P.S My best friends are Charlie,Billie, Charley, Katie and Taylor and we are all in the same class luckily!

24 Responses to Welcome Summer Quadbloggers!

  1. Ms Nicholson

    Hello Class MS. My name is Ms Nicholson and my class is 4Q. We have 11 classes in year 4 – our school goes from nursery upto high school – and that is just the British stream! (We also have an Indian Stream). In my class I have 19 children – from lots of different countries. I am from the UK. We are looking forward to blogging with you. Just so you know, our school week goes from Sunday to Thursday, and we are two hours ahead of you!

    • Anonymous

      I learned that your class is 4Q. And that your school goes from nursery up to high school. You have 11 class you are 2 hours a head if us. You have 19 kids all from different country’s. BYE!

  2. Abbey

    Hello Chloe.
    I learned that your school North Petherton has 12 classrooms. Pine Class, Birch, Elm, Oak, and Chesnut are all named after trees. I like that some of the classes in your school are named after trees. My schools classes are not named. I go to a school in Pennsylvania, USA. There are 7 classes total in third grade at my school. I am in Mrs. Musone’s class with 19 other students. At our school we have a 6 day cycle. For our class on day 1 we have PE (Gym). On day 2 and day 5 we have library. On day 3 we have nothing. On day 4 we have art. And on day 6 we have music. My school name is Roundtown Elementary. The school district that Roundtown is in is Central. Our school week starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Nathan and I have one sister named Katie she is younger then me, She is seven years old and I’m 9 years old. I do not like that because she has less thing that she has to do, Because I have to get the mail take out the trash and other things. I have 1 mom and 1 dad there names are Ron Kriste, My mom is 39 years old and my dad is 43 years old. I also have one dog his name is Mater he is 6 years old he is a Labrador, My dog sheds a lot. My dog always loves to play ball. Well that’s my life, BYE!

  4. Sarah

    Hi Chloe
    Your school has 12 classrooms that are in different shapes and sizes. All your school’s classrooms are named. I’m Sarah and I love to ice skate I’m currently in Freestyle |. (Which is an Ice skating level I am Chinese American. (My mom and dad are Chinese and I’m a U.S. citizen.) I love to rea and I’m currently reading The Tale of Despereaux.

    Bye!! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Hi Chloe
    I learned that your school has 12 classrooms with different shapes and sizes. All of your school’s classrooms have names. Hi I’m Sarah and I love to ice skate, The ice skating level I’m on is Freestyle |. I am Chinese American, My Mom and Dad are Chinese and I’m a U.S. citizen. I like to read A LOT! I’m currently reading The Tale of Despereaux.


  6. Eli

    My name is Elijah but everybody calls me Eli. I am in York, Pennsylvania. I am in 3rd grade. My favorite subjects are math and science. I like to play soccer. I read that there are 12 classrooms which are different shapes, sizes and have different names. You have 32 kids out of 340 kids in the whole school. I like how you said all the names of the classes. What do all those abbreviations mean? We have over 500 kids in our school and our class only has 20 kids. We have a 6 day cycle which includes Art, Music, GYM (Physical education), Library and a no special which means that we don’t have any special.

  7. Reema AKIS 4Q

    Hi I am Reema I am from 4Q in Mrs Nilcholson class.I am 9 yers old.I am from Qatar.I like to see your blog every day when I finish looking to my own class blog.

  8. Justin4Q in AKIS

    Hello my name is Justin my school is called A.K.I.S. and it stands for Al Khor International School.The school is in Qatar we like this school because people are helpful.I am 9 and I have two brothers one is 6 and one is 5 my hobby is playing rock climing and please visit us it’s called but before I go whats your name and whats your hobby? Goodbye(^_^)

  9. Hassan-akis4q

    Hello, I am Hassan. I am a Qatari. My school is AKIS (Al-Khor International School) in Qatar. Ms. Nicholson is my class teacher. I have many friends. I love my school and my class.

  10. QT A.K.I.S 4Q

    Hey guys have you visited our blog page yet .
    I hope you like it .

  11. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Brooke.
    I’m looking forward to learning more about your class. I am in Mrs.Musones class and I’m in third grade. I go to Rondtown Elementary school. There are 7 class’s in each grade. Are building goes k to 3rd. My favorite subject is math. I LOVE to swim. Interesting thing about me is that is that I have super curly hair.

  12. Nate

    Hi Chloe
    I learned that your school has 12 different classrooms and they are all different shape and sizes there and have 31 kids in each class and 340 in the whole school.

    My name is Nathaniel but my friends call me Nate.
    I live in York, Pennsylvania and I’m in Mrs.Musone’s 3rd grade class and I am an only child.

    My hobbys are playing video games, reading and playing basketball.
    I wonder if you have gone to any other states in the UK like England.

  13. Katie

    Hi my name is Katie. I go to Roundtown Elementary and in a class with 19 other kids. That means there are 20 kids in our class. My teacher is Mrs. Musone. There are 7 3rd grade class rooms and about 20 kids in each one. My best friends are: Kaitlyn, Brielle, Sarah, Karina and Abbey. All of my best friends are in my class except for Karina. Our school has kindergarten up to 3 rd grade. That is all bye!!! 🙂

  14. Alec

    Hello my name is Alec and I’m from York, Pennsylvania. Are school is called Roundtown Elementary
    we have a 6 day cycle the reason why we have a 6 day cycle so we can keep track what specials we have. Here are the specials we have 1 jim 2 library 3 non 4 art 5 library 6 music. I heard that your school has 340 kids and your classes have 32 kids. Are school has about 20 kids in class room but we have 500 kids that go to are school. Are grads are kindergarden 1st 2nd and 3rd.I hope you can visualize what are school looks like. 🙂

  15. Daniel

    Hi I’m Daniel but some people call me Dan!!!
    I live in York,PA. My teacher is Mrs.Musone! My favorite subjects in school are Science and Reading.
    I also play sports like Soccer, Basketball and Hockey.
    Our school has 500 some kids and grownups. We usually have 20 people in a class!
    Our school is named Roundtown and it is is the Central School District.

  16. Nelly Thoroe

    Hi class! My name is Nelly. in my class there are 20 students. In our school there are 500 kids, I´m in 3rd grade and there are 7 3rd grade classes.
    My teacher is Mrs. Musone. I like Art and music and I can do both in my school.
    I came from Germany in the fall of last year. The school in Germany is different then the school in the USA. I had school in the afternoon only once a week. But I had more homework. In our school the classes were from 1st to 10th grade. And we all had recess together!
    I like your blog and the idea to contact other classes around the world. I’m looking forward to read blogs form other classes from the UK, Qatar and the USA.

  17. Ben

    Hello! My name is Ben and I like sports. My favorite sport is ice hockey, but I like baseball too. In our school, we have around 500 kids. In school, my favorite subjects are math and sinece. I live in York, Pennsylvania and I go to Roundtown Elementry school. My favorite after school activties are playing football with my friends and playing video games. I also like learning about countries and states. Back to the sports, what is your countries natioal sport?

    • Chanise

      Hello Ben my favourite sport is swimming and I am in year 4 and I go to North Petherton school.
      My favourite subject is I.C.T and my teacher is called Mr Stepney.

  18. Espen

    Hi everybody, my name is Espen. I live in York, PA, where I have lived since I was born. However, after the school year I moving to Norway because my mom misses her family there. One thing I really like to do is to play soccer and my favorite soccer team is Manchester United. I am so happy that they just won their 20th league title. I also like to travel and my two favorite places to go to are Norway and England. The school I go to is Roundtown Elementary and my teacher is Mrs. Musone. I am in 3rd grade and I have a lot of fun in school.

    • Chanise

      Hi Epson I hear that you like Manchester United. Quite alot of people like that team. I like your comment I very well enjoyed it.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Chloe,
    You did a great job explaining your school and I have a very good image in my head know. I think that it’s cool that six classes are named after things from nature. My name is Kaitlyn and I am in third grade in Mrs. Musone’s class at Roundtown Elementary in Central York School District in York, PA. Some of the things we learn in school are how to find the square footage of a building and use Sketchup. Something I enjoy is working on Sketchup. Sketchup is a online application that helps you build virtual buildings and cities. A couple weeks ago our classrom got crayfish to investigate.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi I am Colin and I read that there are 12 classes and 32 kids in class ms and 140 kids in the school. I am 9 years old and I am moving to Colorado next month and I really like to play legos. I think it is cool that your friends are in your class. I wonder if the school put your friends in the same class purposely?

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