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Posted by on April 18, 2013

soundcloud-logoWe have begun using a new app on our iPad in class called Soundcloud. Here we will record all sorts of things from our learning in the classroom. This is the link to our main page on Soundcloud. Have a listen and leave us a comment!

8 Responses to Soundcloud

  1. Mrs. Musone

    Mr. Stepney and Class,
    Enjoyed listening to your audio recordings. Your voices are delightful and you read with enthusiasm and expression.

  2. Karim 4Q (AKIS)

    Hi My name is Karim and Im almost 9 years old.We would like and invite your blog.

  3. Eli

    I read that you got a new app on the Ipad. It is called soundcloud. I could not get to your recordings. But if I could get in i think I would proble like it. What all can you do on sound cloud? Because I have never used soundcloud.

    • liam

      I like soundcloud to because it helps people learn and communicate with other people.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi I am Colin and I read that you got a new app on your i pads called soundcloud. I like your recordings because you read fluently. I wonder if you wrote them yourselves?

  5. Class MS

    I like sound cloud to because it’s a fun way for people to learn and communicate

  6. Class MS

    I like Soundcloud too because it’s a fun way of sharing and communicating with our wider community.

  7. chloe

    I love Soundcloud because you can listen to your own voice which is fun.
    From Chloe

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