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What are we doing in ICT ?

Posted by on March 11, 2013

scrachWhat are we doing in ICT ? Well here is the answer. In ICT we are doing animations and we are using a softwere called Scratch. It is like the website professional animators started on and if you want to go on scrach the website is
From Chloe

6 Responses to What are we doing in ICT ?

  1. Mr G Thurlbear

    This looks great and I may look at this with my class, too!

  2. Thurlbear Josh

    Cool youve done some great home learning in that school keep it up fella’s.

  3. Chloe.

    I love the website scrach it is soooo fun !

  4. Thurlbear Ellisha and graicy

    Wow looks great chloe how long have you been doing this ,because it looks great already.

  5. Akira 4Q(A.K.I.S SCHOOL QATAR)

    HEY,WE ARE also doing animatoin in ICT,we had fun making the animatoin.

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