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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter challenge – Charity project.

Here is some inspiration for your holiday project and your charity presentation! Use and follow these links: Sport Relief – Mile Ready from Chris Balmond on Vimeo.

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What are we doing in Topic?

In topic we are finishing pieces about Victorians because our school was built in that era. I can’t believe it can you? This week we are walking around our village to identify Victorian buildings and visit the cemetery where a children from our school, in Victorian times, is laid to rest. Do you have a … Continue reading »

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What topic are we doing in Literacy ?

What topic are we doing in literacy? In litrecy we are doing suspense and thriller stories. Do you know what suspense or thriller is ? If not, well I am going to tell you about it. Short sentences like – ‘Sweat poured. Heart raced’ and you use plenty of powerful verbs and punctuation. What topic … Continue reading »

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Robin Hood

We are doing a play called Hoodwinked, about Robin Hood. Katie and Emily are sharing the role of Maid Marion . Charlie and Olivia are Robin Hood. Jack and Jacque are playing the Sheriff. Chloe and Jadan are Narrators and Taylor, Charley, Shannon, Shanice, Martha and India are Maid Marions Ladies. We cannot wait for … Continue reading »

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Robin Hood

Hi world, this year our production is Robin Hood. Charlie is Robin Hood, Chloe is a narrator and Jack is the Sheriff!  Get your tickets or you will be hung! hah hah! by  Ben

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Book week

Last week it was book week in the hall. We had a book sale with Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Fairy books and that kind of stuff. For national book day our class dressed up as Monster High and other monsters. The book is by Lisi Harrison. From Katie

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What are we doing in ICT ?

What are we doing in ICT ? Well here is the answer. In ICT we are doing animations and we are using a softwere called Scratch. It is like the website professional animators started on and if you want to go on scrach the website is From Chloe

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