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El Caminante

Posted by on February 27, 2013

El Caminante – Debra Smith short animation. from Mr Stepney on Vimeo.

Hello World.
We are working on suspence and thriller stories .The film we are doing is El Caminante . El Caminate is a circus actor. In the story he goes into a town and everybody cheers him on because he is famous. Before he goes on the tightrope he gives someone the honor of holding his cloak for him. Then when he gets near the ladder he is blessed by a vicar and photos are taken of him. After, he walks up the grey ladder and holds his stick to keep him balaced, then he started to walk the tightrope. When he was half way through he nearly falls off. Fortunately, he gets his balace back and when he finshes he gets his cloak back . The crowd feel nervous, worried and scared but when he finshed they felt proud. Finally, he went back home and they cheered and waved goodbye .

What Literacy are you doing ? Please tell us about it.

Goodbye By Chloe

4 Responses to El Caminante

  1. Ross Mannell

    Hello Chloe,

    The story of a wandering tightrope walker was well named and seems more so when entitled “El Caminante” rather than the English wayfarer or wanderer. I have seen a number of tightrope walkers and have wondered if some pretend to almost fall in order to build tension. In El Caminante case, such a risk would be too great while perched so high between two cliffs.

    Did you notice how much his hair was blowing in the wind as he walked the rope? It would be far more dangerous had there been a strong wind blowing. A strong gust and he would fall.

    I no longer have a class and therefore a literacy topic as I have retired but I found your post and the You Tube link fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. billie

    Hi Chloe,
    El Caminante is really good at walking the tiprope.I like it when he trips and then gets his balance back. What part do you like?.
    From Billie

  3. thurlbear kirsty

    That was great ! Did you write this out in words?

  4. thurlbear oli

    Wow great vidio, what is it all about.

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