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We are Animators !

Posted by on February 21, 2013

Wreck it Ralph
Hey world,
Our new topic in ICT is Animation. The steps we have to do are :
Firstly we have to wach some cartoons .
Then we have to plan our Cartoon.
Next we will have to make our set and Characters.
Finaly we have to film and act out and voice over for the Cartoon .
That’s the end of the steps.

My favourite Cartoon is Wreck it Ralph . I like it because it’s funny and has Adventures . The little girl gets split up from her family and she nearly gets hurt and Ralph gets to saves her life . We have to make our Cartoon in partners . I love the sound effects and Music in Wreck it Ralph, they are really Funny. It is great and Adventrus .
Have you seen Wreck it Ralph ? If Yes do you like it ? If no have you got a favourite Cartoon? What is it ?

By Chloe !

6 Responses to We are Animators !

  1. Thurlbear shay

    NICE I love the way you explianed the pichers keep it fellers

  2. Ellisha knight

    Wow I love anamating. Do you have fun anamating

  3. Badgers class

    I’ve seen it and I love it, it’s my favourite cartoon too.
    Have you got any other cartoons you like?

    From Ellen (North Newton)

  4. Ruben

    North Newton Comunity Primary School have been to Coldharbour Mill and we had lots and lots of FUN!!!! I hope your school did aswell!!! 😀 😉 🙂

  5. Vladimir

    I watched wreck it ralph aswell. I liked it when wreck it ralph was hit three times.Good explenation though

  6. Adam

    Here wreck-it Ralph is a movie!

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