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Football Fever Comic

Posted by on February 5, 2013

comiclifeDear readers,
I am writing to tell you about…. yes I know, the name is in the title. I’m writing a comic called football fever 2013 to go in a comic book called Beano Annual J.A. standing for Jack Alex. Our characters are : Leonardo Messi ,Harry Consero , Mario Balleti and ref John Gooaaallll. (they’re all made up names). Soon we’ll have another page for the comic.
Are you making comics? please send a photo of it to us
from Jack W.

The picture of my comic will be up on the blog soon!

3 Responses to Football Fever Comic

  1. Mrs. Long

    This is great! I do admit, I first read this in a very “American” way and thought about the Super Bowl…but I think you mean football as the rest of the world knows it. This is great–can’t wait to see the comic!

  2. Mr G - Thurlbear School

    Hello! I think that this sounds like a great idea to do with pupils. In my class, we have looked at Super Action Comic maker, which we really like, too. Here is a link to it – see what you think: I really like it, because you can print it off at the end, so it makes a super display! I am hoping that some of my pupils will also be commenting on here, very soon!

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