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Monthly Archives: February 2013

El Caminante

El Caminante – Debra Smith short animation. from Mr Stepney on Vimeo. Hello World. We are working on suspence and thriller stories .The film we are doing is El Caminante . El Caminate is a circus actor. In the story he goes into a town and everybody cheers him on because he is famous. Before … Continue reading »

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El caminante

Hello there, in literacy we have been doing El Caminante. It’s a story about a boy doing the tightrope walk. There was a big crowd waching him and when he was in the middle of the tightrope a flock of birds came over and frightend him and he droped the big pole. The pole helped … Continue reading »

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El Caminante

Hello world. On Tuesday 26th February 2013 we watched an animation called El Caminante.We watched it for an example of suspense. Suspense is when a writer or animator builds the story up instead of just blurting it out. The audience experience the unkown. El Caminante is about a man who is a tightrope walker and … Continue reading »

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Tom and Jerry

I like Tom andJERRY beacuse they are so fun ,they play up when theire mum is not there. It is so fun espacilly when Tom gets hit by Jerry! They’re so cool and fun it’s amusing to watch and it’s so cool they go on adventures . It’s on channel 618 tv programme. from Liam

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We are Animators !

Hey world, Our new topic in ICT is Animation. The steps we have to do are : Firstly we have to wach some cartoons . Then we have to plan our Cartoon. Next we will have to make our set and Characters. Finaly we have to film and act out and voice over for the … Continue reading »

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Our Coldharbour Mill Leaflet

In Class MS we went on a trip to Coldharbour Mill and now we are making an Information leaflet about it. We have to include : Superlatives / adjectives Title and Subtitles Imperative Verbs (Bossy) Apostrophies Bullet Points This is the Structure Page One Title Page Page Two Introduciton Page Three / Four Informataiton Boxes … Continue reading »

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Half term update! Information text.

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Your half term challenge! Will you accept it?

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Football Fever Comic

Dear readers, I am writing to tell you about…. yes I know, the name is in the title. I’m writing a comic called football fever 2013 to go in a comic book called Beano Annual J.A. standing for Jack Alex. Our characters are : Leonardo Messi ,Harry Consero , Mario Balleti and ref John Gooaaallll. … Continue reading »

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Coldharbour Mill (Warning story)

Hi, I am going to tell you about my story that we are doing in literacy. When we went on a school trip to Coldharbour Mill there was a man called Mr Robson, he was in charge of the children and the Mill. My story is set in Coldharbour Mill. My characters are Mr Robson, Hollie and Sophie. … Continue reading »

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