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Coldharbour Mill

Posted by on January 22, 2013

Coldharbour Mill Victorians 036On Tueasday, last week, Class MS went on a trip to Coldharbour Mill. Before lunch we met a man called Peter. Peter showed us around the mill and he showed all of the machines. There are Carding machines ,weaving machines, spinning machines and lots more. Then we had lunch.

After, we went with Mr Robson. Mr Robson treated us like Victorian children and showed us the chimney and boilers . Then Mr Robson took some of us upstairs and the others stayed downstairs. The ones upstairs had to do some jobs. One of them was to sort the wool and string into there colours and the second one was to sort the bobbins into groups of fifty. Finally, we went back to collect our belongs and returned to school.

Do you go on trips?

from Charley

P.S.My favourites part was the machines and how they made wool.

3 Responses to Coldharbour Mill

  1. Sam Newman

    It was very interesting hearing about your classes trip to Coldharbour Mill .I went there when I was at primary school , although I can’t remember much about it as it was a very long time ago !Liam really enjoyed learning all about it’s history .

  2. liam

    I loved the trip! It was so fun but scary at the same time. To begin with I was petrified then it got a little bit fun and I liked the way the machine made wool and how we had to stack up piles of 50 bobbins.

    from Liam 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    WOW! sounds amazing. Funny enough, I have been there to. I loved it when two actresses dressed up and acted out a scene. Did you like a lot about it?

    By Izzy north newton

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