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A snowy break!

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Not your regular Friday! Today we have had the school closed, due to the snow hitting our area. We may have missed an opportunity to write about it in the classroom but why not share your experiences and events in the snow today by adding a comment below!

How good can you make the snow sound? Who can use the most exciting adjectives? Have a go and write about your snowy adventures!


3 Responses to A snowy break!

  1. liam

    I loved the snow. It’s fun to play in and I love building stuff in it. It is snowing very hard now at 7:04pm and it’s cool, so I can play out in it tommorow if there’s no school.

  2. LIAM

    I took Liam up on to the quantocks over the weekend and we had a great time sledging down hill as fast as we could. It was cold,crisp and white but great fun.

  3. Anonymous

    Thurlbear Grace and Scarlett. Wow we love the snow our school was closed aswell and another reason why me and scarlett love the snow is becausewe went sledging in snow up to our legs it was awesome.

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