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New year – new Quadbloggers!

Posted by on January 8, 2013

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Class MS wanted to write a blog post to you.
We really want to tell you what we are doing in school.
In literacy we are doing things that make us physically happy and mentally happy. We are working in different groups and doing things like exercising, writing jokes and writing about things that make us happy.
In history we have started studying Victorian times. In Numeracy we split up into groups and one group goes with Mr Turner(the teacher next door) and the other group stay with Mr Stepney.
Both groups are studying decimal notation.
What are you learning about?

from Class MS

2 Responses to New year – new Quadbloggers!

  1. Fletcher

    Hi quadbloggers I am exicted to be working with you.Are topic is Heroes and Villians i like my topic.Do you like your’s?

  2. Shana Myers

    Good afternoon Mr. Stepney’s class,

    We are excited to be connecting with you from the far away Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. We think that starting the New Year focusing on things that make you happy is a terrific idea. Focus on positive things, and positive things will come to you!
    We are not learning the same things you are, but they sound interesting. In reading, this week, we are learning about the Old West and Annie Oakley. Have you ever heard of her? Our math changes almost every week. We keep practicing division, but this week we focused on 3d shapes (solid figures), polygons, and geometry (symmetry, reflections, translations, and rotations). In science we have been discussing habitats.
    Since we have learned about habitats, we are wondering what is your latitude, your elevation, and your climate like?

    Your new friends,
    Ms. Myers’ Class.

    P.S. We really like your blog.

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