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Fabulicious curry!

Posted by on December 8, 2012

Hi  I’m Chanise,

I am hear to tell you about what we did on the fabulous Tuesday. We made some curry and it was vegetable curry and it was fabulicious! We had nanny bread and  poppadoms. Oh sorry, naan bread and poppadoms!                                    

We made curry because Raji eats different things compared to  what we eat. Some times Raji has curry because she does not eat.

Mash potato

jacket potato




roast dinner

sausages and potatoes

And she does not drink





One Response to Fabulicious curry!

  1. Molly Rollins

    Dear: North Petherton Primary School

    Hi my name is Molly Rollins and love your blog so much and the food looks so good and i can not belive you guys eat diffrent food then us then here from there.Please visiet my class blog it is: hope you go to my class blog soon i will be waiting for you guys to comment.

    You’re new friend:
    Molly Rollins 🙂

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