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Dance exams

Posted by on November 30, 2012

Every saturday I go to dance and we do it in the new Blake School. We do ballet and tap. We do ballet upstairs and tap downstairs and it so exiting for me because I’ve always wanted to go to a new school to dance. Plus I’m a bit worried about my exam coming up next sunday but its quite fun because you get to have your hair up in a bun.

We have learnt a birdy dance and it’s got really enjoyable music. What we have to do for that is make our own, graceful, dance moves but put it in a story. We are doing a fairy and I do dance with another five friends, they are Amelia, Emily, Lottie, Dannielle and one of them is my cousin. Her name is Hollie and our dance teachers are Claire, Miss Lou Lou, Emily, Libby, Daina and Eloise. For our exam we have to wear light pink socks, a black leotard and long black skirt. We are not doing a tap exam but we are doing a ballet exam and the person who’s watching us is going to put our scores down on a sheet of paper. Our dance instructor tells us it doesn’t matter if we move up or not. I am so so nervous.
Do you do any exams out of school?

By Taylor

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