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Guided Reading

Posted by on November 15, 2012

To world,In guided reading my group are group 2 and yellow group.My group’s book is called Little wolf’s book of badness and the author of the book is called Ian whybrow and my favourite character is called Bigbad. He’s my favourite character because he is the badest wolf  in cunning college for brute beasts.

Who is your favourite character in your favourite book?

                                                           from Alex

4 Responses to Guided Reading

  1. classsp

    My favourite book is Guinness World Book of Records 2013


  2. classsp

    The book that i am reading is Pippy longsocking. it is amazing!!! It is the best book i have ever read by far. What is the best book you have read?

  3. classsp

    Guided Reading is my favourote reading time, I hope you like it to!
    from Hanna

  4. classsp

    What’s your favroute book? mine is Horrible science disgusting digestion my rating 5*****
    from Marshall.S

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