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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Clever Wish

Hi, this week we have been writing our own Wishing story’s. My character is called Sophie and she lives on a farm, in a little old village. They are so poor that her mum is sat in bed with blue, numb fingers because they couldn’t afford wood to light a fire. Then Sophie goes out to feed … Continue reading »

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Dance exams

Every saturday I go to dance and we do it in the new Blake School. We do ballet and tap. We do ballet upstairs and tap downstairs and it so exiting for me because I’ve always wanted to go to a new school to dance. Plus I’m a bit worried about my exam coming up … Continue reading »

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The Clever Wish (part 1)

Hi, This week we have started a story called The Clever Wish. It is about a  poor farmer called Yann who is granted a wish by a Unicorn. In the end he combines all his family’s wishes for his father to see a baby, in a cradle, made of gold.  His  father wished for eyesight, his mother wished for … Continue reading »

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Blogging rules for all our school

We are starting to see many classes from North Petherton now comment on our blog – begin to research and set up their own. It is so exciting, that we wanted to remind everyone about the North Petherton children’s blogging rules. 1st – Don’t give out your phone number. 2nd – Don’t reveal your email address. … Continue reading »

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Guided Reading

To world,In guided reading my group are group 2 and yellow group.My group’s book is called Little wolf’s book of badness and the author of the book is called Ian whybrow and my favourite character is called Bigbad. He’s my favourite character because he is the badest wolf  in cunning college for brute beasts. Who … Continue reading »

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Chanise’s Remembrance day.

Remembrance Day video from Mr Stepney on Vimeo. Today we did lots of things for Rememberance day. We baked some cakes. We designed and coloured a poppy. We wrote a poem. We had a minute silence. What did you do for Remembrance sunday? Please watch our video of the day! from Chanise.

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Success in majorette’s! Go England!

Hi, last year I went to Bath (a city in England) to represent England in the European Majorette Championships. England got silver but I dont know why the medal was gold. Do you go to majorettes? If yes what is it called? I am telling you now because I did not have the meddle then … Continue reading »

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Should calculators be banned?

Calculators will be banned in maths tests for 11-year-olds in England from 2014, says the government. It’s after a big review of the use of calculators in primary schools. Ministers reckon kids should only use them once they have learnt basic mathematical skills, like adding up in your head. Under the new plans, calculators would … Continue reading »

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Literacy Display

We were so excited to share with you our apology letters, last half term. Now we can share with you our classroom display of the finished letters! Bright and colourful and we love it! Do you have any similar displays? What is the best display in your class?

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Mrs Collins enters the Blogging world with shaky fingers on the keyboard!

Well, I decided it was about time I found out about the gentle art of Blogging, so, here’s my first attempt! I had a great half term holiday and enjoyed creating our new Role Play in Cherry class (aka MC). We are going to use the story of  “The Clever Wish” as our main text … Continue reading »

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