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My blog post about the half term

Posted by on October 26, 2012

Today is Friday the last day of term . Yesterday we found out that we had reached  3,000 page reveiws. In the holiday I am going to loads of partys like Billie-Jo’s house party. At our Halloween party we have a hand that is full of sweets.  I am dressing up as a wicked witch ha ha ha ha ha!! I am also going to Charley’s party (it is another halloween party) I can’t wait . I also have another party which is Billie-Jo’s actual party.  Also we have carnival coming up. It is going to be such a busy half term!

 by Charlie

2 Responses to My blog post about the half term

  1. classms

    Charlie how many partys didi you go to ?

    chloe .

  2. Mrs Nankivell

    Sounds like you had a lovely half term Charlie.
    Mrs Nankivell

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