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Carnival facts 2012

Posted by on October 26, 2012

Hi, firstly I cannot wait for the Bridgwater Carnival next weekend.   It is my favourite carnival.  The best club is Markertees CC and I will tell you a secret, they are doing spookes!! Do you have a carnival?  If you don’t, come and see it but if you have a carnival whats your favourite carnival club?

Hi last week I ented a Model Carnival Cart building competition and I won it! Did you enter a cart competition?

by Ben

2 Responses to Carnival facts 2012

  1. classms

    Hi Ben i cant decied wich won because i do the carnival i am a majeret . Do you do the carnval from chloe

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, no. I want to be in Markerteers Carnival Club. check your spellings

    by Ben

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