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Apology letters

Posted by on October 18, 2012

Our class have been thinking of people from stories that need to say sorry. The ones I have thought of are:
The wolf to little red riding hood, Witch to Hansel and Grettle, Witch to Dorothy and her dog, Fox to Gingerbread Man, Witch to Rupunzel, Alex to Mardy, Goldilocks to the Three Bears, Shrek to the people, Ugly Step Sisters to Cindrella, Jafar to Jasmine, Tiddles to Nomo, Horrid Henry to Perfect Peter and Big Pete to Mickey Mouse.

From Charley

12 Responses to Apology letters

  1. Sidney Jensen

    Hi Charley,
    My name is Sidney Jensen and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in the U.S. I read about your class’s assignment on apology letters and I really like the list you came up with. I wonder if anyone thought of the Huntsman to Snow White, the other ducklings to the Ugly Duckling, or Mordread to King Arthur. I am taking two English classes right now, and I am writing a lot of essays so I know how hard it can be to write a well written paper. I hope you continue to write on the blog, you do a really good job of it.

  2. Anonymous

    That sounds lovely i hope you enjoy that from lewis

  3. Anonymous

    shrek is so funny and I relly love shrek it is so funny by josh

  4. Anonymous

    I love sherk he is funny from Izzy

  5. Anonymous

    I love sherk he is cool from Izzy

  6. Anonymous

    Wow I loved little red riding when I was a little girl .


  7. Anonymous

    I love shrek love sophie

  8. Anonymous

    hi mr stepney how are you doing


  9. Ayisha

    Shrek’s funny and he has 4 movies of his own.

  10. Anonymous

    I saw your little red riding hood our story is about that as well


  11. Anonymous

    do you like shrek

  12. William

    How come you put shreck up not any others.

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