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Apology letters

Posted by on October 18, 2012

This morning we were thinking of different characters from books and films who could write apology letters to each other.Here is my list of characters:
Alex to Marty
Sid to the DoDo Bird
Wicked Witch to Dorothy
Lord Voldormort to Harry
Gargenel to the Smurfs
Wolf to Gingerbread Man
Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood
Lord Farguah to shrek
Mo to Curly
Conrad to Sally
Cat in the hat to Conrad and sally
Scooby-Doo to Shaggy
Horrid Henry to Perfect Peter
Ugly stepsisters to Cinderella
Wicked Witch to Rapunzel
Jack Frost to the Faries
Peter Pan to Wendy
Witch to Hansel and Gretel
Goldilocks to The Three Bears
Darlik to Doctor Who
Dispicable Me to The Girls
Homar to Marge
If you can think of any more please add a comment!.
From Jack

10 Responses to Apology letters

  1. jack

    Big pete to Mickey Mouse is another one. From Jack

  2. Anonymous

    That sounds fantastic I hope you enjoy it from lewis

  3. Anonymous

    I think Tom to Jerry

    from kieran

  4. Anonymous

    Hi little red ridding hood is good from izzy

  5. Anonymous

    wolf to gramma


  6. lewis

    That sounds interesting from lewis

  7. Anonymous

    I have never heard off mo to curly.
    what is it like.

    from sophie

  8. Jay

    Hello do you do presntaion monday. From Jay

  9. Jay

    Do you like presentation monday. From Jay

  10. classms

    Hi I thought of Wilam to Jane and Andrea together Jane to Willam talk to you soon see you from Chloe

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