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writing letters in literacy

Posted by on October 13, 2012

In literacy we are writing letters and I am going to do an example of an apology letter.

Dear Three Bears,
Sorry that I came into your house but it looked so inviting and I was so hungry I had to go in.Just then I saw porridge on the table and I thought I had to eat it.When I had finished I spotted a chair and I was full up so I sat down but I was too heavy so I brokr it. Daddy said he would mend the little chair.I promise I will never do it again.
Love from Goldilocks

3 Responses to writing letters in literacy

  1. kabrina harris edm310

    I love the message that your class is learning from reading this story. Apologizing when you do something wrong is a noble thing to do.People are more willing to forgiving when they hear the sincerity in your words.Keep up the great work!

  2. Sam Krhut

    Hello, my name is Sam Krhut and I am a student of EDM 310 at The University of South Alabama in The United States of America. A recent assignment led me to your blog. I am so glad it did. It is so cool! I love the fact that the apology is coming from Goldilocks. That is so creative! Keep up the great work and have a terrific week in school!

  3. Anonymous

    We was writing a letter In our literacy time to an astate agent to ask qustions


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