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Our First Year 4 Stories!

Posted by on October 4, 2012

We have spent the first 4 weeks of term looking at Journey stories using our Talk for Write. It has been a really good topic and we enjoyed the story Taking The Cat’s Way Home. We have now finished our own journey stories and here is a selection of them for you to listen to and enjoy.  Just click on the links below.

Tyler’s Story

Chloe’s Story

Shanice’s Story

Farran’s Story

Charlie’s Story

Daniel’s Story

Chanise’s Story

What is the best story you have written?

13 Responses to Our First Year 4 Stories!

  1. Anonymous

    you go swiming by josh

  2. Anonymous

    wow you have got a lot by josh

  3. Anonymous

    hi do you do maths from izzy

  4. Anonymous

    do you do maths from izzy

  5. Rhys

    Do you like rugby.

  6. classes

    We tried to listen to your stories today, but they wouldn’t play on the main computer in our classroom 🙁
    Please could MS show ES what is going wrong?

  7. Jessie Holder

    Hello Chloe,

    My name is Jessie, and I am a collegiate student in the United States at the University of South Alabama. This year I am studying how to communicate and expand my media knowledge through the use of blogging; very much like you are doing now in your Year 4 classroom! I am very honored to be able to listen to your story about Poppy and Harry (I think I heard those names through your wonderful accent). Your tale of the adventure through the park and forest is full of very beautiful descriptive words. It makes me want to go on my own adventure! Your description of Poppy with long hair like Rapunzel is great, and I could see it exactly as your described it. Also, the beautiful purple flowers you tell us about gave me a great idea of the setting of the forest. Then, the gruesome farmer that chases the adventurers through the forest is so frightening with his missing teeth, limbs, and bruises that I felt safe when they ran in to their older sister’s arms. All of those descriptions are a great use of your vocabulary. I couldn’t think of a better way to finish your brilliant story than that mean, old farmer getting put in jail. Serves him right for chasing those kids!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderfully vivid story Chloe!

    Jessie Holder
    My Blog

    • Anonymous

      hello Jessie
      im glad you liked our stories.It took us a week to write them.This week we are doing leters.What are you doing in english.
      From Emily

      • Jessie Holder

        Hello Emily,

        You definitely did a great job in just a week! Yes, I saw that you are practicing writing apology letters. Am I correct? I am not currently in a English class, but I am in a Literature class. We are studying important writers in American culture during the age of Romanticism. Also, how to understand what we are reading, which is very important! It is tough work, but I enjoy reading and learning about important people in our history.

        Good luck on your letter this week!

        From Jessie

  8. classmsbillie-jo


    brillant story!!!!!!!!
    i think your story is the best one ever.
    from Billie

  9. Samantha Hollenkamp

    Hello class,
    I am a college student in the United States at the University of South Alabama. I just listened to Shanice’s story and I absolutely loved it! She did a wonderful job speaking and reading the story. I especially enjoyed how she used different variations of voice level to help convey the message to the audience better. I understand it took a week to write these stories? That must have been a lot of hard work. Good job to Shanice and the rest of the class. Keep up the good work!

  10. Mrs Cook

    Love reading your stories and letters etc… especially as you were in my class previously!!! You need to return however, to year 2 to show me how to do all these amazing things!!! Then Chestnut class will post some things for you all to read too!!! Keep blogging!! Love from Mrs Cook!!! x

  11. michaela

    they sound like some great storys

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