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A busy week already!

Posted by on October 3, 2012

In Science we started learning Food Chains. Do you learn about animal food chains? In Topic work we are looking at healthy food and balanced food. In French we learning numbers 13-31. Do you know any french numbers? In ICT we learnt some E-saftey with the SMART Crew about how to be safe online.
Wow, it is only Wednesday!

By Daniel

17 Responses to A busy week already!

  1. Anonymous

    hi how are you doing did you get the long coment?


  2. rhys

    hi what are you teaching today?

  3. Anonymous

    to Mr stepherny how are you doing in your class and i wonder how you doing right now from joshua

  4. Anonymous

    to M.R stephany i hope your class is ok and i hope you are ok and i wonder what you are doing right now from lewis

  5. megan

    where do you go smimming

  6. Anonymous

    HI it is Tullyanne we did do food pyramid wen we was in yaer 3

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Mr.Stepney we did a food guide in year 3 and it was fun we had to draw what went in the correct then we had to colour it in. Did you do your food guide on the laptop or computer? Just to ask what class do you teach?

    From Callum

  8. Anonymous

    hi mr.stepney we did a food guide in year 3 we drew our food guied and coloured it in

    from joe

  9. chloe

    Wow it is only wednesday . By Chloe

  10. Anonymous

    Hi we did food pired

  11. megan

    in year 3 we looked at food primeds

  12. megan

    what is food chain

  13. Anonymous

    hi i did the food pridre

  14. William

    Last year we looked at food pyramids.

  15. Jessica

    That looks healthy

  16. Anonymous

    That looks nice from Izzy

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