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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Little wolf’s book of badness

Hi I am Leah Today I am going to tell you about our class story.  It is called Little Wolf’s Book Of Badness.  As Charley told us about apology letters, this is a letter book. We read this book as a whole class and during our Guided Reading sessions every day. by Leah

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cross country

On Wednesday the 24th of October Jack and Oscar and I  went to Cannington college for a cross country race.  We came 1st 2nd and 3rd out of 80 or 90 people.  It was a lap of a football pitch and a rugby pitch it only took us about five minutes.  In Year 6, Samuel  came 4th.   Do you have any … Continue reading »

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My blog post about the half term

Today is Friday the last day of term . Yesterday we found out that we had reached  3,000 page reveiws. In the holiday I am going to loads of partys like Billie-Jo’s house party. At our Halloween party we have a hand that is full of sweets.  I am dressing up as a wicked witch ha ha ha … Continue reading »

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Carnival facts 2012

Hi, firstly I cannot wait for the Bridgwater Carnival next weekend.   It is my favourite carnival.  The best club is Markertees CC and I will tell you a secret, they are doing spookes!! Do you have a carnival?  If you don’t, come and see it but if you have a carnival whats your favourite carnival club? Hi last week I … Continue reading »

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Chanise’s week

What we did this week is! Guided reading Science I.C.T In science this week we cut out some animals and plants and we put them in a food chain, for example: chickens eat worms and worms eat soil And in I.C.T we watched a video called the Smart Crew, all about ESafety and how to … Continue reading »

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Felix Baumgartner

This particular man has inspired us by doing that amazing jump last week. Skydiving is a real skill. What do you want to do do when your older? I want to be a P.E Teacher.Do you want to be like Felix Baumgartner and inspire people? From Jack

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Apology letters

This morning we were thinking of different characters from books and films who could write apology letters to each other.Here is my list of characters: Alex to Marty Sid to the DoDo Bird Wicked Witch to Dorothy Lord Voldormort to Harry Gargenel to the Smurfs Wolf to Gingerbread Man Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood … Continue reading »

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Apology letters

Our class have been thinking of people from stories that need to say sorry. The ones I have thought of are: The wolf to little red riding hood, Witch to Hansel and Grettle, Witch to Dorothy and her dog, Fox to Gingerbread Man, Witch to Rupunzel, Alex to Mardy, Goldilocks to the Three Bears, Shrek … Continue reading »

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Wow, Felix inspired us!

RedBull Stratos from AixSponza on Vimeo. Felix Baumgartner freefall video from Matthieu Pesesse on Vimeo. Look at that man go!  At school we watched Felix Baumgartner jump from 24 miles high.  He free fell a distance of 119,846 feet (36,529 metres.  He reached the speed of 833.9 mph breaking the speed of sound.  I cannot … Continue reading »

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Role Models

Who is your role model?  My role model is Mo Farah.  Who is yours? Is it  someone from the Olympics?   by Oscar

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