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Quadblogging is fun!

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Hello fellow Quadbloggers!

We’re excited to welcome you to our blog page!! Firstly we do our excited writing which is all about describing animals.  After exciting writing we do literacy which is were we do our story from the book Taking The Cats Way Home. I am going to tell you a little bit of The Cats Way Home.

One day Jane and Andrea were going to school and they met a new father and a new boy. The boy was called William and he had dark brown hair which was really short. He also had a stripy blue clip on tie and he has a dark blue jumper which he ties around his waste. William does not like Jane and Andrea but he especially does not like Furlong the cat! So that’s what we do in literacy.What do you do in school?

By Tyler

5 Responses to Quadblogging is fun!

  1. Ross Mannell

    Hello Tyler and Year 4,

    Quadblogging is a wonderful experience. While I no longer have a class of my own, I sometimes have the chance to drop in on some Quadblogging posts to see what is happening. It’s hard to believe so many classes around the world have now taken part in Quadblogging. It’s not even one year old yet. I don’t think I achieved too much before I was one year old.

    I must say I hadn’t heard of “Taking the Cats Way Home” until reading your post. From your description of the encounter between Jane, Andrea, Furlong the Cat and the new boy, I am interested on what occurs. It can be hard being new in a new school but I wonder why the boy dislikes Furlong?

    Keep blogging.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • classms

      Dear Ross Mannell

      The boy dislikes Furlong because after Wiliam hissed at Furlong he scratched William.Then william hissed again and it frightened Furlong.That’s why the boy hates Furlong.Thank You for replying! By Tyler

  2. Fieldhead Carr Year 4

    When we come to school we put our lunchboxes next to the bookshelf, then we put our pumps on and get out our S.O.D.A books out. There is an activity to complete on the I.W.B, then we do the register.
    In literacy we have been looking at for sale brochures selling houses, we have made our own. These are some examples;
    Tullyanne sold Danny’s caravan (Danny the Champion of the world)
    William sold Mr Fox’s hole (Fantastic Mr Fox)
    Izzy sold The Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast)
    Lewis sold The Witch’s house (Hansel and Gretal)
    Our Talk for Writing story is about a little girl who gets followed by a wolf and wears a scarlet cloak. Can you guess who she is.

    We have enjoyed looking at your blog this week.

    Mrs Warner and Year 4

  3. classms

    Is she Little red riding hood . By Chloe

  4. kieran

    like the look of the swimming pool looks cool

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