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Swimming and French

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Hello everyone in our Quadblogging group, welcome to Class MS blog. On our blog we will do our best to write on here every day.I am writing this before swimming so I will ask you a question . Do you go swimming? We go swimming on Wednseday  and  learn French and Maths

and it is fun !!!

Do you do French?

From Shanice and Emily

10 Responses to Swimming and French

  1. liam1148

    i love swimming and i won two goldfish up the fair

    from liam 🙂

  2. classms

    In swimming there are some at the deep end . Some are in the middle and some are in the shallow end . Do you do swimming ? If yes . What pool do you do it at ?

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. Stephney. What is the weather like.

  4. Anonymous

    I go swimming on a friday with my class


  5. Ayisha

    We Go Swimming And Its Really Really Fun!!!

    We Go On A Friday But We Are Famished When We Get Out And Cold!

    We Also Get Our Dinner Last But I Dont Mind Because We Have A Really Fun Time!

  6. joe

    we go swimming on friday to john smeaton and it is fun

  7. Anonymous

    do you go swiming


  8. Anonymous

    I like swiming


  9. lewis

    how are the children doing swiming are they all right from lewis

  10. Anonymous

    we are doing swiming what are you doing at swiming from lewis

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