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Art in school

Posted by on September 24, 2012

In Art we have been looking at rubbing and shadings. We had to take three things like a leaf, stick and stone, and then we had to draw parts of the object. After that we tested the shadings of b, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b scetching penceils, what do you do in art?
By Jamie

16 Responses to Art in school

  1. dougie

    do you like my presentaion monday!

  2. Anonymous

    And i like your blog

  3. Anonymous

    welldone i think it is really good we do observational drawings

    Year4 mrswarners class

  4. Jessica

    we do observational drawing and painting in art its really fun we somtimes do sketching

  5. Anonymous

    We Do Sketching And Drawing In Our Class!


  6. Anonymous

    Fantastic art your class will end being artists. Were they outside things like leafs, twigs and things like that. Today we have being doing observational drawings of dolls, oil pots and other things.

    from Callum.

  7. Anonymous

    I think your class art is very good we do observational drawings

    from joe

  8. jessica

    we do observational drawing and painting sometimes we do sketching

  9. Anonymous

    we do observational drawing and painting from jessica

  10. megan

    do you learn music?

  11. classms

    Welldone . By Chloe.

  12. liam1148

    I love art its my faveroite subect and also guided reading is in my group is Alex chanise ben skye jacob
    and me

    from liam:) 🙂

  13. Jay

    Evry week we go swimming on friday .

  14. michaela

    that sounds very fun

  15. classms

    We love the Felix Baumgartner
    from Jacob

    Do you know him?

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