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Taking The Cats Way Home.

Posted by on September 19, 2012

IIn literacy we are doing work about a book named Taking The Cats Way Home. Furlong is this very fury and cute cat. Furlong’s owner is Jane. When Jane goes to school with her best friend Andrea, Furlong comes along with them. There was this new boy called William and he hated cats. He came over to the cat and went, sssssss! and then again, sssssss! Furlong jumped on the wall and ran home is own way. Now that is a little bit about the cats way home.  What book are you doing? by Charlie.

7 Responses to Taking The Cats Way Home.

  1. josh

    mr stepherney are you having fun in your class

  2. Anonymous

    mr stepherney are you having fun in your class from josh

  3. classms

    Yes thanks, we are having lots of fun by Charlie.

  4. classms

    We are having lods of fun .

  5. Anonymous

    hi mr stepneys class i have got a quik question do you go swimming during pe we do thanks from morgan

  6. mrs warner y4

    we go swimming on friday to john smotne

  7. mrs warner

    we are going do singing today from sade

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