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Fieldhead Carr Primary – hello

Posted by on September 13, 2012

Hello to our friends at Fieldhead Carr Primary School.  We hope you are enjoying your blog the same as we are?  We have been looking at the blogs during ICT lessons and at home.  We hope to comment on your blog soon but we have problems viewing it at the moment.

How big is your school?  How many in the classroom?  We have 32 in our class and 3 adults.  We love doing English, Maths, Art, Topic and ICT.

We have a great Fort to play on at break times, here is a picture.

Keep blogging and speak soon.

Class MS!

12 Responses to Fieldhead Carr Primary – hello

  1. liam1148

    i love the fort

  2. Mrs Warner

    Hello there,
    I must pass on our apologies this week, we intended to leave comments on this post but unfortunately we couldn’t use the ICT suite on our planned day. We are having a new school roof and this part of the school was closed. I promise we will leave you lots of comments when you are in the spotlight next week.

    Have a great weekend
    Mrs Warner and Y4

  3. Ayisha

    I Wish That Was In Our Playground It Looks Sooo Fun And Enjoyable!!!

    Ayisha Year 4

  4. Anonymous

    I love your play ground

    from Tullyanne

  5. Anonymous

    i love your plqay ground i wish we had one but with some people in are school will just brake it love morgan

  6. Anonymous

    hi mr stepny i wish i could have a play ground like you from morgan

  7. Anonymous

    Hello what do you do in math?

    from Tullyanne

  8. lois

    Hello year 4.your fort looks awsome it makes me want to play on it all day evan when it is raining. so have you learnt anything new this week because we have. we have learnt somethings about india. from lois

  9. Anonymous

    we hav been doing some partioning as well whith mrs warner too dil

  10. classms

    Hi do you like your maths i am guessing yes i do. Bye charlie xxxxxxx

  11. classms

    Ayisha maybe you could start sponsuring the school like non school uniform and when yiou do every one who does can bring a pound.That s what we do. you should try it. bye Charlie.

  12. fieldheadcarr year4

    In our class we have 24 children 3 adults.

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