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Maths and partitioning!

Posted by on September 7, 2012

Our class have Maths at 10:45am every day.  What do you do at 10:45?  In maths today we looked at thousands, hundreds, tens and units (place value). 4635 = 4000+600+30+5.  It was quite easy because we were adding using partitioning.  What did you do in maths?


12 Responses to Maths and partitioning!

  1. liam

    smashing blog

  2. Lyn Lewis

    At 10.45 each day I normally have a coffee!

  3. liam1148

    hi class ms im liam from your class ive been on the blog 9 times everyday

  4. liam1148

    i love maths and litracey and i love reding

  5. liam1148

    smashing blog chole

  6. MEGAN


  7. classms

    We play games like for instance I rolled a 6 and a 3 then I would do 6×3=3×6=18 so thats our maths. What’s yours?


  8. Anonymous

    hi how are you today please can you tell me about your school from izzy

  9. Anonymous

    we are doing partitioning as well in maths


  10. classms

    In maths we are doing J10, what are you doing in maths?

    by Jamie

  11. classms

    In maths we are doing remainders.

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