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Our first two days!

Posted by on September 6, 2012

We have been in school for two days now. We wanted to share our timetable and explain how our day looks, so here we go…

School starts and bell goes at 8:55am

We have register and then our first lesson is Literacy at 9:00am

We start our breaktime at 10:30am

At 10:45 we have Maths for one hour

We have a short lesson at 11:45 until lunch at 12:20

Lunch finishes at 1:15pm and our afternoon lesson is often, Art, ICT, Topic or Science until 2:45 when we have assembly.

At 3:15 it is hometime!!


Now you know about our school day, tell us about yours.  What does your day look like?

Liam and Class MS

9 Responses to Our first two days!

  1. Miss Grantham


    I was very interested to read about your school day, I will try and remember to ask one of my class to tell you about our school day. We all wrote some clues about ourselves in the last few days and have shared them on our blog, feel free to have a look and learn a bit about us all!

    Our blog is:

  2. Mr.Aiston

    Wow! Action packed liam. When do you do Pe? We will check out what you get upto regularly.
    Keep in touch with us at

    • classms

      Yes but we go swimming and there is grout a and group b and im in grout b and group b’s go swimming first and group a’s go swimming next while the others are doing swimming we do P-E By Chloe

  3. Mary

    Hi guys.
    I teach a 3/4 class in Mlebourne, Australia. I was interested to read about your day. It sounds very similar to ours. We start at 8.55am with meditation and then go straight into literacy until 11.00. We have a break until 11.30 and then we do an hour of Maths. Just before
    Iunch we usually do RE. Lunch is from 1.05 til 2.00 and then just like you, we do Art or Integrated Studies. We also fit in ICT lab, performing arts, PE, library and Italian during the week so each day is slightly different. What is your Favourite part of the school day?? From Mary and 3/4 MK

  4. Ms Campbell

    Hi Liam and Y4
    Thanks for telling us about your day. I enjoyed reading this.

    I teach Y2 in Sydney, Australia. and it seems our day is quite similar to yours.

    We start at 9.25am, then usually do literacy all morning. We have recess from 11.25-11.50 then 80 minutes of maths. After lunch (1:10-2:00) we have different subjects like PE, HSIE and Science. We also have an afternoon assembly on Monday. We finish at 3.25pm.

    Our blog is at We’d love you to stop by and visit us one day.

  5. Ross Mannell

    Hello Year 4,

    My adventure into the classes listed in Blog Dipping has led me to you. On reading your timetable, I can see many similarities to the timetable of the last class I taught. It has been some time since I had the Year 3/4 class but their timetable is still stored in my computer of many memories.

    9:00 School starts – morning exercises
    9:15 Home class (reading, writing, theme activities)
    10:00 Numeracy Groups (children go to the numeracy teacher)
    11:00 Recess break
    11:30 Home class (reading, writing, social studies, art/craft, music – i.e. theme activities)
    1:30 Lunch break
    2:20 Home class (social studies, art/craft, music – i.e. theme activities)
    2:55 End of day

    Our home class times also included library time, technology classes, sports and scripture classes.

    This was now 7 years ago and there have been a number of changes in the way things are done at the school. Blogging didn’t exist back then. I wish it had, my classes would have explored the world and made many friends as I hope you all do.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  6. liam1148

    hi thankyou for your comments


  7. Anonymous

    well I don’t know what time it all starts

    start of the day activity and rigister
    guided reading
    play time
    dinner time
    home time

  8. classms

    Cool in our day sometimes we go on a school trip.
    Chloe. Class ms

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