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Monthly Archives: September 2012

4 Weeks Of Blogging.

Class MS have now been blogging for 4 weeks and the response has been amazing! We are really enjoying the opportunity to write to the world and share our learning and it is so exciting when we receive comments! When we reach 2000 hits we are having our first Blog Party in school with our … Continue reading »

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Quadblogging is fun!

Hello fellow Quadbloggers! We’re excited to welcome you to our blog page!! Firstly we do our excited writing which is all about describing animals.  After exciting writing we do literacy which is were we do our story from the book Taking The Cats Way Home. I am going to tell you a little bit of The Cats Way Home. … Continue reading »

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Swimming and French

Hello everyone in our Quadblogging group, welcome to Class MS blog. On our blog we will do our best to write on here every day.I am writing this before swimming so I will ask you a question . Do you go swimming? We go swimming on Wednseday  and  learn French and Maths and it is fun … Continue reading »

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Art in school

In Art we have been looking at rubbing and shadings. We had to take three things like a leaf, stick and stone, and then we had to draw parts of the object. After that we tested the shadings of b, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b scetching penceils, what do you do in art? By Jamie

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Class Blog Promo Video!

Take a look at our new promo video for the blog. New Class Blog promo New Class Blog promo from Mr Stepney on Vimeo.

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Friday is music day!

Today we started our Friday afternoon’s of music!  Every Year 4 child gets the chance to learn a brass instrument.  We were in two groups and got to know our instruments today and then started to count in 4’s and play the note C.  Our instruments are the Trombone, Baritone and Trumpet.  It is going … Continue reading »

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In Science we are looking at habitats and  our animals are Worms,Ants,Woodlouce and Spiders. My table is loking at Ants our question is do all Ants live undergorund?  We found out that they don’nt all live underground because we found Red Ants live in our school wall the Black Ants live underground. What are you doing in Science? … Continue reading »

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Taking The Cats Way Home.

IIn literacy we are doing work about a book named Taking The Cats Way Home. Furlong is this very fury and cute cat. Furlong’s owner is Jane. When Jane goes to school with her best friend Andrea, Furlong comes along with them. There was this new boy called William and he hated cats. He came … Continue reading »

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Class vote!

[polldaddy poll=”6535409″]

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Fieldhead Carr Primary – hello

Hello to our friends at Fieldhead Carr Primary School.  We hope you are enjoying your blog the same as we are?  We have been looking at the blogs during ICT lessons and at home.  We hope to comment on your blog soon but we have problems viewing it at the moment. How big is your … Continue reading »

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