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We love to read!

Posted by on August 22, 2012

At North Petherton school we pride ourselves on our reading.  Each term we have a goal to read a minimum of 50 times and some of us even reach 150 times in a term!  We are going to use this great opportunity to write a book review for the best books we read.  Using the page Book Reviews on this blog you too can post book reviews, just leave us a comment!

5 Responses to We love to read!

  1. Sam Aiston

    150 times. Wow – our class look forward to reading your reviews. Check us out at

  2. Tara MacFarlane

    Good Morning Boys & Girls from Auatralia!
    I am a teacher of children with Special Needs in Sydney. I am so glad to hear that you all love to read!
    Yesterday afternoon after lunch we had ‘National Reading Day’, where every child at every school in Australia reads for one hour, all at the same time. Of course Australia is such a big country that on the West Coast (Perth), it was morning time, & in the middle of Australia it was around lunchtime.
    We all enjoyed the break, and everyone brought books from home to read- even the teachers!
    It is the first day of Spring in Australia, and it is a beautiful day, so I am off to enjoy my weekend while the sun is shining!
    I hope you all have a great day!
    Ms Tara 🙂

  3. Jane

    I look forward to reading the book reviews! Perhaps you can recommend some for my children?

  4. Anonymous

    I feel realy happy for you guys for being the blog of week I wonder what its like I bet its fun . I never been a bloger and its realy fun

    year 4

  5. Anonymous

    Hello how are you and your year 4 class?

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