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100 Word Challenge


What is 100WC?

100WC is a weekly creative writing challenge for children under 16 years of age. Each week a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words and the children can use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. This should be posted on a class blog and then linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog. The link is usually open from midnight on Wednesdays until midnight the following Tuesdays.

More detailed information can be found here:

Week beginning 14th April. ——————————————–

This week’s prompt for the 100WC is:
Here is the picture that you are to write about. Really think hard about what you want your post to say to the reader. It might help to plan it out first.

Leave your 100 words in a comment below.
The most recent challenges appear at the bottom of this page.

27 Responses to 100 Word Challenge

  1. liam

    Once upon a time there was a little boy who was called Liam. He was 6 years old and he lived in a castle made of gold. He was good at his times table 9’18’27’36’45’54’63’72’81’90’99’108. He knew his 9 times table! He went to the most expensive school in the world, he was really rich and he had 13 chickens 60 fish 78 cows 45 miniscule mice. It was snowing outside for 6 weeks, so he could play out in it for ever. He built a snowman and a snow angel and he had a nice dad called Mark and a nice mum called Sarah. They had a snowball fight with him and it was a very long one, it took 15 hours and after that he went sledging!
    The end.
    By Liam.b

  2. classms

    Once upon a time there lived a girl named Charlie. Charlie wore her hair up in bunches and with tied ribbons. She wore a nice denim jacket and a sparkling top that shone in the night. She also wore some blue navy jeans. One day it started to snow. Charlie woke up in the morning and the grass was as white as a polar bears fur. As soon as she saw this she told her that she had a day off school. She went to her dads and she went out sledging with all of her friends..
    The end
    From Charlie.

  3. leah

    As the keys are pressed I shiver and a tear is in the corner of my eye. The tune is so romantic it makes me want to cry. It makes me stop and think. The little tune is relaxing as something slips down my throat. His wife has no more time to live, its horrible to say bye to love ones. The music is going chime, chime, pong, ping, pong. The tune is gone and the chime. Then he is a kid playing on his horse when he was young. So now lets get under the blanket and say goodbye.
    by Leah

  4. liam

    Once there lived a boy called Jack, he lived in a frosty, green, heavy caravan and Jack likes his running. His mum, called Caroline, lived in the frosty, green, heavy caravan too and she went swimming, while Jack ran. Jack was 15 and his mum was 66 and Jack also liked weight lifting. Also he like to learn his homework 56+7+63 and so on. He always did his home work so he had top grade at school.
    The end

  5. chanise

    Once upon a time there lived two children called Holly and Poly. They were packing there bags to go on holiday.The next day they drove all the way to Wales. They parked their heavy caravan on the beautiful green field. The next morning Holly and Poly went out to do some running but unfortunately the frost came and made the air very,very,very cold. Holly and Poly decided to go home because it was getting cold. So Holly and Poly went home back to England. When they got home they had a lovely curry
    The End.
    From Chanise.

    • Badgers class

      We like the sound of going on holiday to Wales, apart from that frost. We’d love to hear more stories.
      It’s one of my favourite stories!
      Did Holy and Poly go with their parents or were they old enough to go on their own?

      From Badgers class

  6. mr_stepney

    Fantastic little story Chanise using all the words in the challenge. In next weeks challenge perhaps you could try to make the openings to each sentence different. Think about your connectives and ‘ly’ or ‘ing’ words.
    Keep up the good 100WC!

  7. Leah

    A long long time ago it was very frosty. Garry and Annie parked their green caravan. One day they went swimming and their little boy Hank had armbands. They were very heavy. The next day Hank came running out of his caravan because it was snowing. They were very exited and they made a snow man. The next day it was time to go back home, then Hank went to school and went on the 100wc!
    The end.
    by Leah

  8. Tyler

    Early in the morning, in a caravan, lived Jack Frost, Mr frost, Mrs Frost, Lucy Frost and Bill Frost. They were a happy family and lived in paradise where it had been sunny for two whole years! One day, while Mr Frost was running, it started raining. Not just heavy, but torrential! Now the rain had started the Frost family sat sadly inside the caravan and watched the green grass get all wet,soggy and muddy. The Frost family where relieved when finally, a week later the sun came out,the grass was green and the flowers started growing.

  9. thurlbearlucy

    wow that looks great.What got you intrested in doing it?

  10. thurlbearolivia

    wow this looks great.

  11. Thurlbear Macy and Ellie

    Hi np cool stuf and tips and good videos as well.

  12. Class MS

    Hello this is my 100 word challange story.
    One day in 2012 there was a girl called Alisa and a boy called Farron. They went out with there mum called Charlie and they went to the supermarket and bought a milkshake each. Farron got Banana because he thought he was one, Charlie got fudge because she loves it and Alisa got Strawberry because evryone called her one. So they got home and they started to drink and they all shouted “THEY DID NOT MENTION THAT ON THE PAcKET !” It was water. So they went back to the supermarket.
    By Chloe Age 8.

  13. leah.b

    ‘’ come on Toby Iv told you we need cereal ‘’ said Tamara ‘’Ok. What should we buy?’’So they went to the shop and brought Chocó bandas .the food was just pouring into the bowl and bang, and a toy fell in the bowl.’’ Wow they didn’t mention that on the packet’’ said Toby. Because Tamara was older she let Toby have the toy! They wanted more toys so they brought lots of more Chocó bandas.(they had a lot of Chocó bandas so it lasted them a long time)They had fun with the magic toy.
    By Leah.b

  14. Anonymous

    I ran down the stairs two by two turned the corner into the kitchen ,poured my cereal into my princess bowl.Then cycled to school on my shiny purple bike,As I approached the gate I saw my friends waving at me.I jumped off my bike,walked to the bike shed to put my bike away.I ran after my friends,and walked to the class room.We had a lovely day,”schools finished yippee!”The next day I poured my cereal into my bowl and out popped a toy “Mum they didn’t mention that on the packet.”

    By Taylor

  15. chanise MS

    “Holly dear we need to go shopping.”
    “Okay mum I’ll get the trolley and you get the money from the cash machine. Mum this is a really weird trolley I will push then. Oh mum look, there are the cereals and look there is an offer on! Oh good.
    “Go and get those then.”
    “I’ve got the rest of the stuff. Okay let’s pay.”
    Next Morning, “Mum there is a toy in my bowl of cereal.
    “Well they didn’t mention that on the packet. Well that was a surprise!”, with a happy smile on her face.

    From Chanise.

  16. Tyler


    One day, a boy called Bill asked his mother where they were going. His mother answered “We are going to the Think Better shop to do some shopping.” Forteen minutes later,they were in the car and on there way to the the Think Better shop. Once there,they went straight into the shop. Bill’s mother ordered Bill to do a favour and the favour was to get some beef burgers for lunch. Bill went to get the beef burgers and then he gave them to the teller.”It’s horse meat,” she mentioned. They didn’t mention that on the packet, thought Bill.

  17. charley

    Once upon a time there was a place called Cheddar Gorge. Where the hills were massive and the caves were huge. There once lived a girl called Lilly she loved to visit Cheddar Gorge. She went with her best friend Tee. Lilly and Tee had so much fun there. On one visit they climbed up some magic stairs, there were lots of stairs. Reaching the top, Lilly and Tee found a magic kingdom of pretty, friendly garden fairies. They loved going there.

    by Charley

  18. Chloe.

    One day there was a young girl named Emily she loved anything she could find and one day she went out on a adventure and she found a little staircase. She looked at it, it was old ,mossy and dangerous. Everyone in the whole world was afraid of it. She was the first person to walk up it in 20000 years. She took the first step… Then the second .. when suddenly she heard a noise in the bushes. Then something jumped out. Something Big. Something Scary. It was …….her Mum.

  19. Theo (North Newton)

    Your stories are awesome they sound very good, can’t wait to read more.

  20. farran

    Ones upon a time there lived a boy called Faz he was very rich . and it was very suny it was about 30.c Faz went down to the beach to go surfing after he went fishing he caught a mackrel . When he was back in his apartment he could here huming birds they went like this ping pong ping pong pong pang . The following day Faz went diving and one time faz did a belly flop and it realy hert his tummy then he did a back flip

  21. Tyler

    One mad and barmy day,
    In the merry month of May,
    A man called Bill thought that the moon was ill,
    So he went to his rocket,
    Then plugged in the socket
    and the countdown began three two one.
    Bill shouted “Woohoo this is going to be fun!”
    Five hours later Bill heard a KABBOOOMMM!!
    He looked out of the window, he was on the moon
    Then he saw an alien which was bright green,
    Together they enjoyed eating ice-cream!

    My challenge, by Tyler.

  22. tyler

    I love writing stories!

  23. Class MS

    well done

    by Ben

  24. Class MS

    This is my latest 100 WC.

    Once upon a time there was a boy called Bob.

    Bob was a secret agent. He worked for the police.

    One day Bob volunteered to go on a mission to go into a smelly house.

    So he went. He traveled for miles until he found a rotton house.
    He went in through the gate. The gate creaked open. A bat flew out an open window.Then Bob carried on creeping to the house.Then he opened the house door and…


    Bob woke up from a dream. “I cant believe i was dreaming,” he said. “I’m going to tell mum.”

    Jack C

  25. Class MS

    The rusty gate creaked, and the wind blew through the trees. The moon was shining like a diamond gleaming so bright it could make you blind. I walked towards a creepy house the graves stood on both sides of the path. I came to the front door and opened it very slowly my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to beat out of my chest. The door slammed behind me. I ran up the stairs with fright and found myself standing outside a door. I went inside the room, there was a box in the middle of the floor. I opened the box and couldn’t believe my eyes, this was what I was searching for.

    Daniel P

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