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On Wednesday we were researching biographies. If you don’t know what they are I’ll tell you just in case you want to know. You get two different types of biographies, and they are auto-biographies and biographies. Auto-biographies are when e.g.: David Beckham writes a diary/book about himself and publishes it. A biography is when someone else writes a story about another person. Now you know what biographies mean.

Have you ever read a auto/biography

typed by Tyler =)

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Going to year Five

number-5-pinataHello bloggers, in two more months we’re going to be in year 5. I feel nervous and happy. Our fist day in year five
we are going to Kilve for three days and do fun activities and were staying in log cabins and go on the
rocky beach! It s going to be an exciting start!
Are you in year five or are you going into year five?


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Year five

number-5-pinataHi world,
I’m worried about going into year 5 because I’m scared Chanise , Zakira , Taylor , Katie , Charlie , Billie-Jo and Charley are not going to be my friends anymore (Weve been falling out a lot ). But back to the good side, I hope to be in AJ/JM Because she just looks and sounds like a really good teacher. I am looking forward to starting the year at Kilve and doing adventures.
Are you looking forward to going into the next year? If you are what are you looking forward to the most?
By Emily

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Stock market maths

Stock Market MathsHello world.
In maths we have been doing things based on the stock market, to see if we could add, subtract and multiply decimal points. We had 5 companies and they were Tesco, Apple, Rolls-Royce, Marks and spencer and Vodafone. You had to work in groups of 3 and I was working with Katie and Billie-jo. When we first started in the ICT suite Katie, Billie-jo and I chose Tesco, Vodafone and Marks and Spencer. We knew that Marks and spencers would improve because there was loads of sales going on and Marks and Spencers is quite popular with clothes but not as much shoes, but still. We chose Vodafone because normally I go in there with my dad because his phone isn’t working, or sometimes the people are always on the phone and people are always talking to the people that run Vodafone. We also chose Tesco’s because we knew it was going to be nice today, tuesday and it was quite nice on Monday, so people could go out and buy more drinks and maybe a few things for a bbq. On the Tuesday we found out that we lost £1.00 but today we gained it back because we earned £9.50. We obviously gained back our £1.00 and we all really enjoyed doing it. I think you would as well.

What are you doing in maths this week?

From Charlie

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In class MS we are looking at Newspaper journalism and headlines. There are five different types of headlines – rhyming, alliteration, pun, shock and word play. Here are some that I have done:
Simon Growl,
Simon screamed in the middle of an x-factor show and chucked the microphone at the judges.
Will-I-am got caught with his ear in a pot of jam.
Justin Leaver,
Justin left his girlfriend in a stadium that was falling down.
Jessie now makes her fans pay for an autograph.

What would be your best headline?
By Emily

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Moving and Growing – Science

We are beginning our new science unit all about moving and growing. Today we looked at our skeleton and tried to identify different bones in the body. We knew a few of the bones but had no idea there were over 200 in the whole body! What facts do you know about the skeleton?

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My fun half term!

BrowniesOn Tuesday, till Friday, I was on Brownie camp with Katie, Charlie, Billie jo and Lucy. It was epic! When I got home I went to Fine Court. The next day I went to town and got some green Vans. Then I went to Vivary park and I saw my teacher. On Sunday I went into town again and and my brother got some purple Vans. When we got home I went up the woods with Zakira and when we were going Zakira crashed into the pole post on her bike and said “I think I have trashed my bike up!” ( she is very funny).

Did you have a good half term ?
from Leah.

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How to Train Your Dragon

Island Egrub!Hi world!
We are doing a literacy topic, it’s defeating the monster. We are working on our adapted version of How to Train Your Dragon. My island is called Egrub, my opening line is… 2000 years ago, in a time long gone, Vikings lived on the island of Egrub. My dragon is blue, like Eragon. He has razor sharp teeth and he’s faster than a jumbo jet. He is mean and can breath out eletric fireballs. I decided he is ten years old.

What character would you have on the island Egrub?

From Liam 🙂

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Defeating the Monster

how-to-train-your-dragon-jpgIn Literacy we are doing a Defeating the Monster story . The story we are doing is How to Train Your Dragon. For our Island we spelt our surname backwards. My opening line is.. Once upon a time, far far away there lived a young boy named … I will type up the rest of the story when I have finished it.
What are you doing in Literacy? Do you know any other defeating the monster stories? If Yes can you comment on them please ?

From Chloe

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Class MT Numeracy

In Numeracy we are learning our times tables. On my Numeracy table is Oscar, Jamie, Zakira and me. The rest of the class are learning their 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. But because we are on the top table we have to learn our 11’s and 12’s. My table think Maths is EPIC. We would LOVE to do Maths 24/7.
Do you like Maths?
What do you do in Maths?
From Jack

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